Bill and Cathy McArthur Spring/Summer/Fall 2011: 9

  Monday, July 25, Bill was up early to get in his 4 hours of kayaking. He arrived home in time for lunch. Cathy went to the gym. Bill received his weekly schedule:

Tuesday, 7/26 - easy 65 minute run, keep your heart rate under 120
Wednesday, 7/27 - du workout, set up your transition area pre-workout somewhere with easy access, then 12 min run/20 min bike/12 min run/20 min bike.  For both runs, your max heart rate is 140.
Thursday, 7/28 - easy bike, 30 miles, keep your cadence between 70-80 rpms
Friday, 7/29 - 1.5 hours kayaking, let's break it up with the first 30 min moderately hard, 30 min hard, and 30 min moderately hard, go by perceived effort instead of focusing on heart rate. Also add in arm exercises.

Nicki had scheduled bike intervals for Saturday, but Bill had asked to be able to do the Penn State reunion 5K in Dewey on Saturday morning and the 4 mile Sandblast Beach Run on Saturday evening. He asked Nicki to reschedule and said that he would do whatever heartrates Nicki required. So Nicki asked for 120 BPM at Dewey for the 5K and increasing 120, 128, 136, 145 BPM for the Sandblast. After lunch, we got the gear ready and packed for the two nights in Glen Mills. We left at 3:00 PM and drove to the Borders in Glen Mills, which has a store closing sale. We shopped a bit. Then we went to P.F. Changs for dinner. We drove to Alex and Phil's and found no one home. The family arrived in shifts. Everyone headed to bed early as the Stoops family, except for Garrett, were to leave at 6:00 AM in the morning.

  Tuesday, Bill was the first one up as usual. Garrett woke up early due to the noise of people getting ready to leave. Bill went over to Thornbury Park for his run, which was very comfortable. He stopped at Starbucks on the way back. We had an eclectic lunch with Garrett - Bill had a smoothie. During the afernoon Garrett and Bill swam in the pool. We went to Carrabbas for dinner and sat outside in the pleasant evening. Bill went to bed before Garrett.

  Wednesday, Bill did his duathlon set. Bill had another smoothie for lunch. Garrett and Bill swam again after lunch. We drove to Target for a toy for Garrett and a cappuccino for Bill. Then we walked over to Bertucci's for a great dinner outside. When we got back and packed up, the Stoops arrived home from New York. Bill and Cathy hit the road as soon as they could and were home at 9:00 PM.

  Thursday, Bill went out for his bike ride. Cathy went to the gym. When Bill was finished, he went out and ran some errands. We grilled burgers for dinner and viewed the wonderful comedy, "Morning Glory."

  Friday morning, Bill went out early for kayak intervals. When he finished, he loaded the kayak on the car. He went out for gas and started to organize the XTerra for the trip to Cape May. Bill packed gear and clothing. When Cathy returned from the gym, we had lunch. Then it was time to pack some more. Katie, Rachel, and Eric arrived around 4:00 PM. After a few minutes to relax, we headed for the swimming pool. Bill got in the water to take care of Eric. The Ernakovichs and Alex were there. The pool was fairly crowded since it was such a hot day. When we got home and showered, we called out to Grotto Pizza. Bill got a veggie pannini sandwich and a pasta salad. Cathy and Katie ordered pizzas. Bill ate a couple of slices without the cheese. Katie and Bill had camomile tea after dinner. The kids were tired and went to bed fairly early.

  Saturday was a tale of two races. We took the noon ferry to Cape May. We stopped by the Finley's to drop off 4 fans on our way into town. We visited Katie, Rachel, and Eric at the Victorian Motel, room 308, before unloading our stuff at the Driftwood, unit 15. Bill parked the XTerra on Windsor Street. Bill and Phil stored their bikes inside the unit. Bill, Phil, and Katie went to North Wildwood for the Sandblast Beach Run. Afterward, they stopped a WaWa to pick up some supplies and hoagies for dinner. They ate the hoagies back at unit 15.

  Sunday, Bill slept-in until 6:00 AM. He grabbed a cup of coffee and walked to the Cape May Promenade. He saw some dolphins out in the ocean. Then he got another cup of coffee and did a crossword puzzle out on the porch of the unit. The rest of the group came to life as the morning wore on. Cathy and Alex went for a walk. We all went to the beach for several hours and enjoyed the sun, surf, and sand. We ate sandwiches on the beach for lunch. Bill went to the Radio Shack in Rio Grande and bought an iPad. He stopped at Starbucks on the way back. Katie, Rachel, and Eric joined us for dinner in our unit.

        Bill and Cathy