Bill and Cathy McArthur Spring/Summer/Fall 2011: 8

  Monday, July 18, Bill was up a bit before 6:00 AM. He felt pretty good. Bill started to catch up on email and other computer chores. When Cathy went out to the store, Bill gave his bike a good cleaning and lubing. After lunch, we drove to the trail and took an easy 4.5 mile walk in the heat of the day. Later, Bill tried to make an appointment with the Urology group in Lewes, but no appointment was available until after Labor Day. Don and Bern and Alex came over to go to the pool. We chatted with them for a while until they left after 6:00 PM. We had quinoa and a frozen meal for dinner. We viewed "Saint Ralph" - excellent movie.

  Tuesday, Bill was up early and on the computer to try to catch up with journal, exercise blog, and photos. He also did a resting heart rate (38 BPM) for Coach Nicki. He watched a couple of Tour de France shows. Cathy went to the gym. Bill received a big Hammer shipment to replenish his supplies. Bill tried to get an appointment with one of the Lewes urologists, but the earliest date was September 2. He tried Dr. Schutz's office, but was shunted to a voice mail box and never got a call back. We grilled burgers for dinner and viewed "Of Gods and Men" - disturbing look at some good and bad sides of religion. Bill received his workout schedule from Nicki:

Wednesday, 7/20 - 30 to 40 min recovery run, keep heart rate at 115 or lower
Thursday, 7/21 - you can do a longer kayak, up to 3 hours, and do your arms exercises as well, just becareful with the sun and crazy boaters being out and about
Friday, 7/22 - 30 mile ride (if your saddle area feels like doing less, that is totally fine!), keep the pace comfortable, and your cadence between 85 and 95 rpm
Saturday, 7/23 - 30 min bike (cadence between 95-100, so lower gears) followed by a 30 min run (keep your heart rate at 135 or less). Try and keep a transition time of 2 minutes or less between the bike and the run.
Sunday, 7/24 - OFF, enjoy it!
Monday, 7/25 - back to a long kayak, up to 4 hours, and your arm exercises
Let's add in the foot raises with the ankle weights around your foot.You can do them Thursday and Sunday. Try and massage your calf muscles once an hour. And you can also ice them for 20 minutes at a time (frozen peas/carrots under your claves as you recline in your chair works well)

  Wednesday, the day started with thick fog. Cathy went to the gym. Bill went out for a recovery run on the Trail. When he got back, he worked for an hour on webmaster tools for Aqua Trails on his Google account. We watched the Tour during lunch. Afterward, we went to get haircuts. We stopped at Super Fresh and West Marine, where Bill tried to get a compass for his kayak to replace the old one which has no fluid in it. We had left-over quiche for dinner and viewed "The Company Men" - downbeat and then upbeat, great cast, best role for Kevin Costner for a long time.

  Thursday, the day started with thick fog again. Bill found out that Son Bill finished 41st out of around 1700 riders in RAIN. Bill finished 743rd. Bill did an arm workout with abs and foot raises while he waited for the fog to lift. Cathy went to the gym. Bill watched the very exciting high Alps stage of the Tour de France. He also called Dr. Schutz's office again without being able to make an appointment. After lunch, Bill went out for a 3 hour, 12 mile kayak paddle south on the Canal and up some tidal creeks. He passed under one of the old railroad bridges on the Lewis/Rehoboth Trail. It was very hot and humid. Bill finished off 4 bottles of G2 on the outing. When Bill got back, he took a shower. We went to dinner at Fish On and sat outside in the 88 degree heat. Except for the many flies, it was quite comfortable. We viewed Bill Maher and a "Daily Show" before bedtime.

  Friday was an extremely hot and humid day. Bill headed out as early as practicable for a 30 mle bike ride. It was miserable out there. He was so happy when the ride was over. Bill took a shower and called Dr. Schutz's office to complain about 4 days of calling with no appointment. He yelled so hard at the receptionist that she came up with an appointment for 3:00 PM. So Bill jumped on the Internet and reserved the 11:15 AM and 6:00 PM ferries. He got his stuff together and hustled down to the ferry terminal. Meanwhile, the temperature had gone to 100 degrees and beyond. On the NJ side of the Bay, Bill gassed up at WaWa and went to the Sunset Cafe for a healthy lunch. Then he headed for Somers Point. He arrived almost an hour early and had to wait until 3:40 PM to see the doctor. Bill gave Dr. Schutz a quick summary of his PSA and biopsy history. The doctor said to get another PSA taken at the end of October and made an appointment for November 2. Unfortunately, we're supposed to fly to Puerto Rico on November 5, so that appointment will have to be canceled. After the appointment, Bill called Cathy and then headed for Cape May. He did some computer work in the terminal waiting for the ferry. He sat outside on the trip back to Lewes. Bill arrived home at 7:45 PM. It was still 98 degrees outside. We viewed most of "Love and Other Drugs" - uneven at best; just weird at worst.

  Saturday was another super hot and humid day. Bill headed out early for a 1.6 mile walk followed by 30 minutes on the bike and 30 minutes of slow running. This was a duathlon workout. When Bill came in he noticed that the thermometer on the shaded back porch with the ceiling fan on was reading 100 degrees at 8:38 AM. He thought that was a bit extreme. Cathy went to the gym. Bill was enthralled by the exciting conclusion to the competition of the Tour de France. We went out in late afternoon to Food Lion for some supplies. We had pasta for dinner and enjoyed a double feature: the very funny "Due Date", and the very chinese "King of the Masks."

  Sunday, was a day off from exercise. Bill did the NY Times crossword and we watched the finale of the Tour de France.

        Bill and Cathy