Bill and Cathy McArthur Spring/Summer/Fall 2011: 6

  Monday, July 4, Bill was up early for the Rusty Rudder 5K and Pump 'N Run. Bill contemplated his training schedule assigned by Nicki:

Tuesday, July 5 - short kayak, 1 1/2 hours maximum time, see how your body feels and monitor your heart rate to determine pace. If your heartrate is jumping early on and higher than the effort you are exerting, take it very easy. And no arm workout (they need to recover)
Wednesday, July 6 - adding some time to the duathlon training, this week it is 20 min bike/12 min run/20 min bike/12 min run. Keep a 1:30 or less transition time, and your max heart rate is 145.  Try taking 1 gel with 5 min to go on each of the bike legs to see how your stomach handles it.
Thursday, July 7 - last long bike before RAIN, 60 miles max, heart rate stays below 138 for the effort
Friday, July 8 - Long kayak, you can go up to 4 hours for distance, and if your arms are up to it, you can add their strengtht training back in
Saturday, July 9 - Recovery run, 50 minutes total, heartrate stays at 120 or lower
Sunday, July 10 - comfortable 20 mile bike, no hard efforts in this ride, your heartrate limit is 132
Monday, July 11 - off day

Bill had an off day in the event. We chilled out for the rest of the day to avoid shore traffic.

  Tuesday, Bill enjoyed his kayak paddle. Jim and Chris Devine arrived during the late afternoon. We joined the Hartnetts for dinner at Fish On where we sat outside and had a very good time.

  Wednesday, Bill did his duathlon training set. We gave Jim and Chris a thorough tour of the area. We stopped at Rusty Ruddy for lunch. We continued to Bethany Beach and got caught in a big T-storm and had to return home via Route 13, a long drive in the rain. We had a good swordfish kebab dinner.

  Thursday, Bill did a very early 30 mile bike ride. We took the 9:15 AM ferry to Cape May. We visited Joe and Maria Link and saw the progress on the house they are building. We picked up Fran and Jim Lewis for lunch at the Rusty Nail in Cape May. Then we hustled to make our appointment with Dr. Weiss, our dermatologist. We returned home on the 4:30 ferry after stopping at the Sunshine Deli for dinner for Bill for the ferry. When we got home, Bill rode his bike for another 30 miles.

  Friday, Bill did an arms workout and a long kayak paddle. We had quinoa and a frozen meal for dinner.

  Saturday, Bill did a recovery run. We ate dinner at Irish Eyes in Lewes and watched sunset over the Canal.

  Sunday, Bill did an easy 20 mile bike ride. We had quiche for dinner.

        Bill and Cathy