Bill and Cathy McArthur Spring/Summer/Fall 2011: 16

  Monday, September 19, Bill had his schedule for the week:

Monday, 9/19 - Bike easy, 45 minutes, trainer or the road
Tuesday, 9/20 - Kayak, 90 minute total, 30 minutes moderate pace, 30 minutes moderately hard pace, 30 minutes moderate pace
Wednesday, 9/21 - off
Thursday, 9/22 - 30 min bike outside, maintain large gear that is slightly difficult, followed by 5 mile run. Try and keep a transition time of 90 seconds or less. Also legs, week 3!
Friday, 9/23 - kayak, easy 45 minutes, go for a scenic route, keep your heart rate low
Saturday, 9/24 - legs again
Sunday, 9/25 - bike 60 minutes total, 10 min warm up, 20 x 1 minute super hard/1 min super easy, 10 min cool down. The super hard gear should be the highest gear you can keep moving in.


Bill did an easy ride on the bike trainer. Cathy had jury duty and was selected for a jury as Juror #1 (foreperson).

  Tuesday, Bill did a 2 hour kayak paddle on the Broadkill River. Cathy wrapped up her jury duty.

  Wednesday, Bill was off from exercise, but he used the extra time to think about and write about his mental struggles with running. At 6:00 PM, Bill had a conference call for the Ederle swim.

  Thursday, Bill had a duathlon brick workout. He had some problems with stamina during the workout. We went to Fins Restaurant in Rehoboth Beach with John and Diane Hartnett. They came in for a while after dinner and we had a nice conversation.

  Friday, Bill went for an easy kayak paddle.

  Saturday, Bill switched from coffee to chai green tea as an experiment. He did a legs workout in the afternoon. Later, we drove to Rehoboth Beach and Bill picked up his packet for the Dogfish Dash.

  Sunday, Bill drove to Milton as a Dogfish Dash volunteer. He got home during the late morning. He did a late afternoon workout on the bike trainer. We went to dinner at Irish Eyes.

        Bill and Cathy