Bill and Cathy McArthur Spring/Summer/Fall 2011: 14

  Monday, September 5, was Labor Day. Bill had his schedule for the week:

Monday, 9/5 - Hopefully the highschool track will be open for a little bit. 1 mile warm up, 4 x 1200 (10k pace) with 200 m recovery inbetween, 1 mile cool down. The pace should stay consistent within 5 seconds for each one as well.

Tuesday, 9/6 - bike, we can do the trainer or out on the road depending on what the weather does, 90-100 minutes ride focusing on a steady pace and cadence. Cadence should be 85-90 rpm, so miles per hour isn't that important.
Wednesday, 9/7 - 10 mile run, cutdown your pace 10-15 seconds every two miles, this can be a guesstimate since it can be hard to pinpoint it exactly, road or treadmill is fine depending on what the weather does
Thursday, 9/8 - kayak, 2-2.5 hours, 30 minute warmup, 60-75 minutes of a very challenging pace, 30 minutes cool down
Friday, 9/9 - 4 miles easy run, heart rate 120-125, no higher
Saturday, 9/10 - bike intervals, 10 minute warm up, 8 x 8 minutes hard and your recovery after each 8 minute interval is 6 min, 5 min, 4 min, 3 min, 2 min, 1 min, 1 min, and then 10 min cool down
Sunday, 9/11 - off


It was a nice day. Bill finally got to run on the HS track. He arrived before football practice and did his interval workout. He loved the feel of the soft track underfoot. We went to Irish Eyes for dinner. It was pleasant and uncrowded.

  Tuesday, it was raining, so Bill did his workout on the bike trainer.

  Wednesday, Bill had a 10 mile run on his calendar.

  Thursday, Bill did a kayak paddle in the rain. We went out to dinner with our neighbors, Charlie and Gina Timmons, at Fins Restaurant in Rehoboth Beach. The food was great!

  Friday, we were to leave for Roanoke, VA for son-in-law Tom's sister Jenn. Bill decided to do his slow 4 mile run before we left. We left around mid-morning. Our GPS led us through a maze of streets in downtown Washington, DC, taking us passed the Mall on the way to I66. It was rainy to boot. We stopped at Johnny Appleseed restaurant in New Market, VA. We arrived in Roanoke during mid-afternoon. While the wedding party was having rehearsal and reheasal dinner, we walked downtown and ate sushi at the Metro restaurant. Good stuff! We went over to the home of Brad, the groom, for a party. We had adjoining rooms at the Hotel Roanoke with Tom, Katie, and kids, which was very nice for all concerned.

  Saturday, Bill had to do his bike intervals on a recumbent bike in the hotel fitness center. It seemed funny riding a bike without being clipped in. Bill walked downtown and got takeout lunch for himself, Cathy, and Katie. We all got dressed for the wedding. Bill and Cathy took the shuttle up the hill to the church, where Tom asked Bill to go back to the hotel to get the registry book. Bill speed-walked back to the hotel, located the book, and handed it to a pair of women who were driving up to the church, asking them to give it to Tom. Bill ambled back up the hill. During the ceremony, Bill took Eric outside so they could listen to the music, dance, and hang out until the wedding was over. Bill ate stuffed eggplant for dinner at the reception. We danced half of the night away and enjoyed the reception.

  Sunday, we got on the road early and had a long, but easy drive up I81 to the PA Turnpike and then over Route 100 to I95 and SR 1 back home. We had Grotto pizza for dinner.

        Bill and Cathy