Bill and Cathy McArthur Spring/Summer/Fall 2011: 13

  Monday, August 29, we slept-in after a good night's sleep. Cathy went to the gym. Bill had his schedule for the week:

Monday, 8/29 - Let's do 60 minute bike on the trainer. Every 10 minutes, increase your intensity level so that the last 10 minutes are very, very hard. For your heartrate, it should spike at the beginning of each 10 minute effort and then drop towards the end. Once the 60 minutes are over, do an easy 10 minute cool down.

Tuesday, 8/30 - We are going to hope that the high school track is nice and dry. Do a 1 mile warm up, comfortable pace. Then 6 x 800 m with a 200 m recovery inbetween each. The pace should be 5k pace (so not all out), and try and keep your pace within 5 seconds of the first one for all 6 of them. So we are really focusing on maintaining a consistent pace. Then a 1 mile cool down, nice and comfortable. 3 Sets of foot raises.

Wednesday, 8/31 – Kayaking: 20 min warm up, 10 min very hard, 5 min easy, 10 min very hard, 4 min easy, 10 min very hard, 3 min easy, 10 min very hard, 2 min easy, 10 min very hard, 1 min easy, 5 min very hard, 20 min cool down, for a grand total time of 110 minutes. The warm up and cool down can range anywhere from 10 to 20 mins if that makes route planning easier. The idea is to keep the pace the same during all of the 10 min hard kayaking intervals, while your heart rate may not be. Ideally your heart rate should escalate in the first few minutes of each hard interval, and then drop as your body acclimates to the pace. Arms and abs workout.

Thursday, 9/1 - 8.5 mile run, focus on maintaining a steady pace. The purpose of the run is just endurance building. Your heart rate should be 120-135. 3 Sets of foot raises.

Friday, 9/2 - long kayak, 3 1/2 hours. Arms and abs workout.

Saturday, 9/3 - 3 mile easy run, heartrate 120 or less. 3 Sets of foot raises.

Sunday, 9/4 - OFF

It was a beautiful day. Bill did his workout on the bike trainer. After lunch, we drove to Rehoboth Beach so Bill could buy some items at the health store. Then, we took a tour of Nassau Station and another community to the east to see the tornado damage done to several homes on Saturday evening. We drove to the courthouse in Georgetown so Cathy could see where she possibly has to show up for jury duty on September 19. We went out to dinner with Don and Bern Ernakovich at Kindles in downtown Lewes. It was quite pricey, but had good food. Bill had a good vegetarian pasta dish, but could have settled for a house salad and a piece of grilled fish. After we got home, we viewed half of "The Dilemma" on DVD.

  Tuesday, Cathy went to the gym while Bill did running intervals in the neighborhood. It was another gorgeous day, so we sat out on the front porch for a while reading and doing crossword puzzles. After lunch, Bill carried the furniture to the back porch and hung the fish out front. He also loaded his kayak on top of the XTerra for Wednesday's paddling session. We finished viewing "The Dilemma" and decided that it was pretty good. We questioned the casting of the two lead males.

  Wednesday, Cathy was off to the gym. Bill brought the kayak back to Anglers Marina and did a set of intervals on the kayak. He was out for about 3 hours. It was beautiful out on the water. Lots of dolphins were in Breakwater Harbor. During lunch we started watching a docudrama about the Loud Family and their reality show "American Family" from the 70s. Bill did an arms and abs workout and a couple of crossword puzzles in the afternoon. We viewed "The Green Hornet" during and after dinner. We thought it was a very good and funny movie.

  Thursday, Bill went to the trail for a 8.5 mile run while Cathy went to the gym. We joined John and Diane Hartnett at Saketumi. We had sushi.

  Friday, Bill went out kayaking while Cathy went to the gym. Alex, Phil, and the kids arrived around 2:30 PM. Bill's coach Nicki arrived around 4:30 PM. We had grilled swordfish kabobs for dinner.

  Saturday, Phil and Nicki went out for a 12 mile run on the trail. Bill and Alex went for a 3 mile run on the trail. Later, we all went tot Rehoboth Beach via DART and ate lunch at the Greene Turtle. The Stoops went to Jungle Jim's Water Park for the rest of the afternoon. Bill, Cathy, and Nicki went to Super Fresh and then home. Nicki showed Bill how to do various lower body exercises and then she wrote down explicit instructions. We registered for a group trip to the Havana Marathon, where Bill plans to run the half marathon. We had grilled burgers for dinner; Bill had a salad. Nicki left after dinner.

  Sunday, Bill had an off day for exercise. We had an early lunch and went to the movies: "The Smurfs" for Bill, Bridgett, and Garrett; "The Help" for Alex and Erin; "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" for Cathy and Phil. We had pasta for dinner; Bill had a salad. Afterward, the Stoops headed home.

        Bill and Cathy