Bill and Cathy McArthur Spring/Summer/Fall 2011: 12

  Monday, August 15, Cathy headed out to the gym. Bill did kayak intervals, as on Bill's weekly schedule from Nicki:

Monday, 8/15 - hard kayak, 20 minute warmup, then 5 x 10 minutes very hard with 3 min easy to recover, followed by 20 minutes cool down (total is 105 minutes)
Tuesday, 8/16 - easy bike on the road for 65 minutes, pace should be comfortable, slightly hard, feel like you could ride for hours
Wednesday, 8/17 - du workout, 20 minute bike/20 min run/20 min bike/20 min run. I want you to push yourself on each leg very hard. Your 60-100 seconds in transition will be your recovery time. Don't start with a sprint, rather start slightly uncomfortable and sustain that feeling.
Thursday, 8/18 - OFF
Friday, 8/19 - long kayak, 3 to 4 hours at a pace that is steady, and one you can sustain for the entire time
Saturday, 8/20 - easy 60 minute run, head out on the trails if possible
Sunday, 8/21 - kayak again, practice heading upstream for the bulk of the time, 15 min w/u, 45 min upstream/upcurrent, return trip downstream at a comfortable pace
After lunch Bill did an arms and abs workout. We had pasta for dinner.

  Tuesday morning, Bill got out for his bike ride. Afterward, he hustled to get everything together to get on the 10:30 AM ferry to Cape May. We drove into Cape May and ate lunch at Gecko's. We walked around on the promenade for a while. We sat down for a few minutes by the Cove and saw a big T-storm heading our way. We rushed back to the car and drove through a cloudburst to Wal-Mart where Bill bought some microfiber rags to wipe down the bike. We drove to Tom and Jean Reilly's home in Smithville. After chatting for a while, we went out to dinner at Arnold's Clam Shack in the Pinelands. After returning to Smithville, we walked around the neighborhood for a while. Bill mixed bottles for his du workout on Wednesday morning.

  Wednesday morning, Bill was up early for his du training set. He returned in time for breakfast. We got on the road at 7:45 AM, heading for Caesar's Palace parking. We set up camp on the beach for the air show. It was a great show, full of sights and sounds. We had calzones and ice tea for lunch. We finally left the beach at around 4:00 PM and changed clothes in a casino rest room. We walked by the outlet shopping area and then to Dock's Oyster House for a great dinner. We missed most of the outgoing traffic by staying for dinner and had an easy drive back to Smithville.

  Thursday, we took our time over breakfast and finally got on the road around 10:00 AM. We drove to Cape May and had lunch at McGlades. Cathy had her appointment with Dr. Maroldo. Afterward, we went over to Joe and Maria Link's house for a visit. We rode the 6:00 PM ferry back home and had takeout pizza for dinner.

  Friday, Cathy was back to the gym and Bill was out for a long kayak paddle. After lunch, Bill did an arms and abs workout. Bill had a big salad for dinner and decided to have dinner salads until he got his weight down to 160 pounds. He had gained a couple of pounds during the NJ trip, so he felt that he needed to get a bit more serious about losing weight to improve his running.

  Saturday, Bill went to the trail for an easy 60 minute run. Cathy didn't go to the gym because she had misjudged the class schedule.

  Sunday, Bill did a hard paddle against the current in the Broadkill River. We had our neighbors, Charlie and Gina Timmons, over for a grilled swordfish dinner. Bill had swordfish, asparagus, and salad. We felt lucky to have nice neighbors since they're the only people we know in the complex.

  Monday, August 22, Cathy went to the gym and Bill rode his bike for 45 minutes on Beaver Dam road and in the neighborhood as in Bill's weekly schedule from Nicki:

Monday, 8/22 - easy 45 minute bike on the road, foot raises with weights, 3 times for each leg, as many as you can
Tuesday, 8/23 - OFF
Wednesday, 8/24 - easy kayak, 2 hours of comfortable paddling 
Thursday, 8/25 - 30 min run/30 min bike/30 min bike, for each of the 30 minute intervals, break the workout down into 3 10 minute segments, and follow the pace of moderate, hard, very hard within each 30 minutes, foot raises with weights, 3 times for each leg
Friday, 8/26 - 7 mile run, comfortable pace, goal is finish the last mile faster than the first so the first two miles should feel like you're holding back
Saturday, 8/27 - 19 mile kayak sprint
Sunday, 8/28 - easy 30 minute bike outside or on the trainer, foot raises with weights, 3 times for each leg

After lunch Bill cleaned his bike. Later, we watched the first stage of the USA Pro Cycling Tour in Colorado. We met John and Diane Harnett for John's birthday dinner at Fish On. We enjoyed the beautiful evening as we sat outdoors. We returned to our house afterward for a bit of a celebration for John's birthday. We tried to call an old, old friend, Frank Wunderlich, and left a message on his office phone and another on his home phone..

  Tuesday, Cathy went to the gym. Bill did three crossword puzzles. Then he spent an hour trying for figure out which 3 circuit breakers controlled the bathroom switches. Once done, he removed a faulty switch and went to Home Depot to buy a new one for $0.69. He installed the new switch and everything worked fine. After lunch, we went to WaWa for gas for the VW, Kichen & Company for coffee and tea, and Starbucks and Atlantic Books. It was a perfect day to ride in a convertible and even Cathy agreed with that. Later, Bill was down in the basement and Cathy was on the back porch when an earthquake struck. This filled the afternoon schedules for all of the 24 hour news media. There was no damage from the quake in our vicinity. We watched the Colorado Tour during the late afternoon. During dinner, we viewed "Unknown" on dvd - excellent action movie.

  Wednesday, Bill was back in action with a couple of hour kayak paddle on the Broadkill River. It was a beautiful day. During lunch we viewed a good HBO documentary on Gloria Steinem. After lunch, Bill finished his second and third crossword puzzles for the day.






        Bill and Cathy