Bill and Cathy McArthur Spring/Summer/Fall 2011: 11

  Monday, August 8, Bill got up around 5:30 AM. He did the NY Times puzzle on the iPad during breakfast and then did the LA Times puzzle from the paper on the back porch. Later in the morning he did the USA Today puzzle on the iPad. Cathy went to her two exercise classes at the gym. Bill decided that he had to lose some weight for his running. He used the bathroom scale to find that his weight was 182 lbs. His goal is 160 lbs. Bill did foot raises and then cleaned and lubed his bike. Then he drove to Hooked on Plants for some K-cups, the health food store in Rehoboth for some supplies, and the bike shop in Rehoboth to try unsuccessfully to buy wet ceramic lube. When he got home, he ordered the ceramic lube from Bike Nashbar online. Bill mixed a "Tahini Dressing" from "The Thrive Diet" from his health food supplies. Bill's weekly schedule from Nicki:

Monday, 8/8 - OFF. Take a walk if you want, but make it leisurely. And just because you're not working out, doesn't mean that you don't have to add in the calories. Also do your foot raises with ankle weights on. Go for two sets on each leg until fatigue.
Tuesday, 8/9 - kayak. We are going to have fun with a negative split. You can go for two hours, and each half hour you will up the effort and increase your place. The last half hour should feel very challenging.
Wednesday, 8/10 - last du workout! 20 min run/40 min bike/20 min run. Within each interval, maintain a moderate pace (slightly uncomfortable), but add in 5 x 1:00 bursts of speed for the run (not all out sprint, but definitely quicker) and 5 x 2:00 bursts on the bike. After each burst resume your previous pace.
Thursday, 8/11 - Fun run intervals! 10 min warmup, then 8 x 1:30 bursts with :60 jog recovery, followed by a 10 minute cool down. Do your leg raises again, same as Monday, 2 sets on each leg until fatigue.
Friday, 8/12 - OFF, do nothing resembling exercise, be a lump
Saturday, 8/13 - easy 30-40 min on the bike, should feel relaxing, but not too easy
Sunday, 8/14 - Lums Pond Du

After lunch we went out for a 5K walk on the Trail. It was hot, but we took it easy. We had grilled burgers for dinner and viewed the very good, but quirky, "I Love You Phillip Morris", an unusual Jim Carrey role.

  Tuesday was a hot and humid day. Cathy went to her classes at the gym in the VW, with the top up of course. Bill got his gear together and headed down to Anglers Marina with the XTerra. Bill launched at 9:20 AM and headed up the Canal and out Roosevelt Inlet. He did intervals in his two hours of kayaking. Bill returned home in time for lunch. We both took short naps after we ate. Bill did a late afternoon arms and abs workout before getting a shower. We had quiche and brown rice for dinner and viewed "The Adjustment Bureau", another good movie from a Phillip K. Dick short story.

  Wednesday, Cathy went to three classes at the gym. Bill had a duathlon set with intervals for his workout. It was a pretty sweaty time out on the neighborhood loop. During the afternoon, we went to the very long movie, "The Help." Bill expected to sleep through what he expected to be a chick flick, but he was pleasantly surprised by seeing what he figured would win the Best Picture Oscar. We had pasta for dinner and watched an episode of "Curb Your Enthusiasm." After dinner, we went out to the back porch to watch episodes 1 and 2 on the iPad, but our neighbor Gina came over for a chat when she heard us out there. It was nice to talk with a neighbor for a change.

  Thursday, Cathy had her gym classes and Bill had running intervals. Bill did a couple of crossword puzzles afterward. After lunch, Bill took an hour's nap. Bill signed up for the auto-ship program with Hammer Nutrition. At 6:00 PM, John and Diane Hartnett came over to pick us up for dinner. We drove into Rehoboth Beach, dropped the women off at Cafe Sole on Baltimore Avenue and searched for a parking spot. Bill and John returned to the restaurant and we all sat outside in the pleasant evening air. We had good meals, which were a bit pricey. Afterward, John and Diane joined us at home for some conversation and a demonstration of our new iPad.

  Friday, Bill's workout instructions were to "be a lump." Cathy went to the gym while Bill sat on the back porch, lump-like, and did crossword puzzles. After lunch we went to Kitchen & Company and Home Goods to find a few items. Bill also checked with the kayak shop nearby to see if they had a compass (they didn't). When we got home, Bill ordered a compass and lights for his kayak. We had quinoa and chicken breast for dinner and viewed a couple of episodes of "Curb Your Enthusiasm." We also started to view "Diminished Capacity", but NetFlix crapped out about halfway through.

  Saturday morning Bill had to wait for a possible storm to pass over before getting out for his short bike workout. There were scattered showers all around for most of the day. After lunch we drove over to the Rehoboth Art League's grounds in North Rehoboth Beach for their large art show. It was very impressive and rivaled any of the Naple's shows that we've attended. We went to Annabella's Restaurant in Lewes for dinner. Bill had a good homemade pasta meal with marinara sauce. Cathy had homemade fettucine with clams. We finished viewing "Diminished Capacity" - Matthew Broderick returning to his film roots in a clever, zany movie. Bill headed to bed early.

  Sunday, Bill was up at 3:15 AM. He checked the weather radar and forecast and decided not to go to the duathlon at Lum's Pond. He posted on FaceBook and saw that Phil had decided the same thing. Bill went to the 5K race at Cape Henlopen HS. When Bill returned, we went to Food Lion for some items. After lunch, Bill worked on the Times crossword with some key help from Cathy. It rained for most of the afternoon. We had leftover quiche and brown rice for dinner. We viewed "Every Day" - too dark for us. We also viewed some episodes of "30 Rock."


        Bill and Cathy