Bill and Cathy McArthur Spring/Summer/Fall 2011: 10

  Monday, August 1, Bill was up early with Phil to get in his 90 minutes of biking as part of his weekly schedule (after a bit of revision):

8/1, Monday - long kayak, but it's vacation time so keep it under 3 hours. Do the arm exercises with your body weight (push ups)
8/2, Tuesday - easy bike, 90 minutes total, feel comfortable on the bike, and keep your cadence between 80 and 90 rpm
8/3, Wednesday - du workout: 15 min run/20 min bike/15 min run/20 min bike. Go by perceived effort. The first run and second bike
should be close to maximum perceived exertion, and the middle two segments should be moderately hard effort (7-8 on 10 point scale).
8/4, Thursday - easy kayak, no more than 90 minutes
8/5, Friday - off
8/6, Saturday - Coombs Douglas run, let's play with heart rates after we see how Saturday goes
8/7, Sunday - easy 30 minute bike on the trainer
Bill and Phil were back in time to head down to the beach for another day of fun. All of us enjoyed dinner at Panico's. We said our goodbyes to Katie and the kids after dinner.

  Tuesday, Bill and Cathy had dental appointments. Both of them had to return on Thursday to get some work done. We stopped at the store before going to the dentist. We had an early lunch when we returned. Bill headed out with his kayak for his 3 hours of paddling. Cathy joined the rest of the family on the beach for the afternoon. Bill and Cathy went to Tisha's for dinner and sat outside with a view of all of the obese people on the Mall.

  Wednesday, Bill was up early again for a duathlon training set. Cathy went with a couple of friends to visit Shelley in Shore Memorial Hospital. The rest of us went to the Cape May County Zoo. We ate lunch there after our visit. On the way back, we toured East Cape May a bit. Alex and Phil went to dinner by themselves. Bill and Cathy ordered take-out from the Rusty Nail and ate in the unit with the kids. After the kids had dessert, we walked downtown to play miniature golf. Afterwards, the kids had second desserts at an ice cream shop.

  Thursday, Bill and Cathy went back to the dentist for 1.5 hours worth of work. We returned in time to accompany the family to the beach. Cathy and Bill picked up their friends Fran and Jim Lewis for dinner at Alfe's in Wildwood. Afterward, they stopped at the store.

  Friday morning, Bill walked down the beach to watch the early competition in the National Lifeguard Championships. Later, Bill helped everyone down to the beach for the last day. We ate lunch on the beach. Bill and Cathy went back a couple of times to watch various lifeguard competitions. We left the beach around 4:30 PM. Bill moved our car closer and loaded most of our stuff into it. We all went to Lucky Bones for dinner.

  Saturday morning, Bill was up early for the Coombs/Douglass race. After loading the rest of his stuff into the car, he rode his bike over to Town Bank. This was also our 45th Wedding Anniversary. Cathy and the Stoops family vacated the unit by 9:30 AM. Cathy joined Bill at the Town Bank Fire Hall. We went over to Joe and Maria Link's house for a while before we had to queue up for the 12 noon ferry back to Lewes. We ate lunch on the ferry. When we returned home, we unpacked the car and our bags. We chilled out for a while and then went out to dinner at Saketumi Restaurant, where we enjoyed an excellent meal of sushi. We viewed half of "The A-Team" before heading to bed.

  Sunday, Bill spent 30 minutes on the exercise bike. He also completed the Sunday Times puzzle on the iPad. We went to Super Fresh to replenish our stores. After lunch, we attended to some odds and ends as we whiled away the afternoon. We had quinoa and a frozen meal for dinner. We viewed the rest of "The A-Team" - good escape action, pretty good updating of the old TV show.


        Bill and Cathy