Bill and Cathy McArthur Spring/Summer/Fall 2008: 2

    Monday, March 31, we met our friend Beth for a walk along the Bay. Bill returned on the beach, but it was a chilly day which required jeans and hiking shoes and a heavy fleece and a wool hat and gloves. After lunch, our friend Jim Sosna came over and spent a good bit of the afternoon. Later, Cathy went to the store. We viewed the second half of "Bush's War" during and after our pasta dinner. We are disgusted with the behavior of our government.

    Tuesday was April Fool's Day. Bill posted a special blog entry to celebrate silliness. It was a very warm but windy day with occasional rain. Bill started working on the taxes and wrote a blog entry about his problems with Turbo Tax and Quickbooks. Bill Addesso came over in late morning to fix a loose piece of tape. After lunch we walked along the Bay and Bill, dressed for summer, walked barefoot back along the beach. Bill finished the business taxes before dinner. We viewed "American Gangster" and really liked the movie. Overnight, we had rain, a thunderstorm, and heavy west wind.

    Wednesday, we returned to North Beach gym for Becky's step aerobics class. We loved getting back to it. It was a much cooler day with strong west wind. Bill spent most of the rest of the day working on our tax returns with Cathy's help. We viewed "In the Valley of Elah" during and after dinner. Here is Bill's review of the movie.

    Thursday, we went to Gloria's step class. Afterward, we went to the post office to mail out our tax returns. After lunch, we walked along the Bay. It was gloomy and chilly, but Bill returned along the beach with boots, jeans, fleece, hat, and gloves. We went out to dinner at Harbor View restaurant with our neighbors Tom and Joy. We watched two Coast Guard cutters come into port as we enjoyed the dinner and the conversation. We viewed the barely tolerable "Game Plan" when we returned home. It rained throughout the evening.

    Friday, Cathy went to Becky's interval class. Bill lifted weights. After lunch we walked along the Bay. We watched two of the episodes of the "John Adams" miniseries in the evening during and after a pasta dinner.

    Saturday, we both went to the gym for Becky's interval class. Bill only did the step half of the class and then rode the stationary bike. Later, Cathy went out shopping and Bill watched the DVD of "No Country for Old Men" to see why it's not a comedy. He concluded it's because it's not funny. Alex called to tell us that Garrett had been in the hospital since late Friday night. He had a chest cold and was struggling to breath. We had a great haddock dinner and watched NCAA basketball.

    Sunday, Bill lifted weights in the morning. Alex called during late morning and we decided to go up and help out with family logistics. We drove directly to the Dupont Children's Hospital in Wilmington, DE and visited Alex, Garrett, and Bridget. We drove Bridget home with a stop at Starbucks. We let Rocky out for a little exercise and alleviated Bridget's boredom. Phil and Erin were at a soccer tryout. We drove back to the hospital during late afternoon. Phil stayed with Garrett while the rest of us enjoyed dinner out at Bertucci's. After dinner, Alex returned to stay overnight with Garrett and the rest of us headed back to Glen Mills for the night. Erin, Bridget, Cathy, and Bill worked on a project for Erin's class, making an artificial clay from salt, corn starch, and colored water. It worked amazingly well using a double boiler.


        Bill and Cathy