Bill and Cathy McArthur Spring/Summer/Fall 2005: 12

   Our summer season was over as far as company is concerned as August wound down, a bittersweet situation. Cathy had to put in longer hours at the bookstore since some of the other workers were vanishing. Bill had to spend more time playing to compensate. Bill went out for a fishing trip in the Delaware Bay with our neighbor Tom and his grandson Joe. Bill was high hook with 5 throwback flounder, 2 weakfish (1 keeper), and a croaker. On Saturday morning, Bill decided to move a big piece of driftwood from the "outback" of the property into a prime location. Bill used his kayak wheels to move the heavy item through underbrush and soft sand. Bill also stained our door frame with a couple of coats when we had a couple of low humidity days with no chance of rain. Bill got in a couple of long kayak paddles and spent some time in a large pod of dolphins on one of them. Bill's left knee has been bothering him, so he has curtailed his running. Katie and Tom sent photos showing Rachel in the sunglasses that we sent her from the Coolibar website (which is a great source of sun shielding products). Bill went out again with neighbor Tom for some fishing and enjoyed catching bluefish and flounder with a bucktail and a regular fluke rig. Bill ran the Tim Kerr 5K on Labor Day weekend; no knee pain. Bill has been posting his opinions in a standard Blog format. If you have the stomach for it, click here. Cathy spent Labor Day working at the bookstore, Bill took a walk from the lighthouse to the Coast Guard Base fence and back to cover all of the beaches. This was his last look at the tourists until next year. We attended Carol and Jim Matthews' end of summer party in the evening. Some of the crowd were looking forward to another year of work, we were thinking of our travel plans (gas prices allowing). Summer is (unofficially) over, now we can enjoy the best season at the Shore.

        Bill and Cathy