The Top Ten Things You'll Likely Hear at the McArthur Home
from Phil and Alex's toast
at Katie and Tom's Wedding
June 6, 1998

10. Don’t worry, the wind blows this hard all the time.

9. Whadd’ya mean you’re tired? It’s only a six mile run, 30 mile bike ride and 10 mile kayak. We’ll be home before noon.

8. Who changed the Weather Channel?

7. So much frozen yogurt, so little time.

6. Cathy, where’d I put those passes to the aerobics convention?

5. But they told me you could catch fish in a Nor’easter.

4. What time does Denny’s open on Thanksgiving?

3. Who rented Nude Aerobics and Bodysnatchers 5? I thought we were watching Bridges of Madison County.

2. Hey, they killed Kenny!

1. Who’s been using the downstairs bathroom?!