To Katie before her Wedding

Katie: When you were growing up I just thought of you as a cool little kid who glided smoothly through life, wearing hand-me-down clothes, making it look easy when it isn't. You had lots of friends, were a great swimmer, did well in school, and everyone loved you. You spent a lot of time high up in trees, but I did that as a kid too, and thought nothing of it. You were one of the original latchkey kids, and remained so even after almost burning down the house. You and I shared a schoolday morning ritual wherein you tried to get me to tie your hair in ponytails that would last at least until lunchtime. Back in those days, you had some morning nosebleeds that we had to fix and one morning I had one too. We attended an event together during the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles; we saw Greg Lougainis diving perfectly in the three-meter preliminaries. You really woke me up one day when you told me that you loved mathematics; somehow I didn't know. You got my attention again when we traveled to New Zealand and Australia. You and I shared three memorable adventures: black water rafting though a dark cave, including jumping down a fifteen foot waterfall; bungee jumping twice each from 115 feet over the back bay of Surfer's Paradise; and, scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef and passing close by a 500 pound jewfish. You graduated summa cum laude as a Civil Engineer, making it look easy when it isn't. You were a big factor in Mom's quitting smoking and were more of a factor in my quitting drinking than you know. You've always been caring and sensitive to others feelings. When I spent a long, lonely school year commuting to Shippensburg from the Jersey Shore, you were always there with your email messages, keeping up my morale. Now you're about to marry a great guy. As we walk down the aisle, Katie, I'll be very happy for you and very proud, too.

Love, Dad :)>

June 4, 1998