Happy Holidays 2006

These notes record the events of the period from Thanksgiving to New Year's Eve. 


We were staying at Boyd's Key West campground on Stock Island in our RV (see Spring/Summer/Fall 2006, email13 for details on how we arrived there). Cathy's cousin Ruth Ann and husband Harry had invited us to celebrate Thanksgiving with them, so after riding our bikes on Big Pine Key, we headed over to their house on Sugarloaf Key at around 4:00 PM. We enjoyed a plethora of Florida lobster tails caught by Harry, along with a more traditional set of side dishes. I ate 3 lobster tails, equaling a personal record.

Friday, November 24

Harry had invited me to join him and a friend, also named Bill, for fishing. We drove the RV to Ruth Ann and Harry's house at about 9:30 AM. It was another windy day, but we fished in a couple of inlets on the ocean side and avoided the worst of the NE blow. I mainly fished with grass shrimp and caught a vast number of smallish fish of numerous species. Meanwhile, Harry and Bill were using pinfish to try for some bigger game. They managed to catch a few good sized mangrove snappers. While we fished, Cathy and Ruth Ann shopped in Key West. Cathy and I arrived back at Boyd's at around 5:00 PM. After cleaning up and changing clothes, we caught a bus into Key West. We stopped by Hog's Breath Saloon so I could pick up my race packet for Saturday. Then we ate an excellent dinner at Mangos. I always remember that Mangos has good food, but I'm always surprised at how good it is. We got back to the campground around 10:00 PM.

Saturday, November 25

We arose at 6:00 AM. I ate a Power Bar and drank a Red Bull for breakfast. We caught the 6:42 AM bus into Key West for the Hog Trot. I walked around to warm up my legs; Cathy headed for Starbucks for breakfast. I ran a very slow 30 minute 5K, but enjoyed the run. We hung around Hog's Breath Saloon for the door prizes and running awards. I got a mug for 2nd place in the 65-69 age group. After leaving the saloon, I bought a Kona cafe au lait at Bad Ass Coffee. Then, we walked down to the Banana Cafe for a late breakfast. Afterward, we caught a bus back to Boyd's. I was suffering from a bad cold that I caught on the fishing trip, so I didn't feel like packing, but I worked for a couple of hours attaching the Yak Board to the ladder and the geezer bikes to the bike rack. After a shower, I dumped the tanks and filled the fresh water tank. We walked to the Hogfish Cafe for dinner. My cold was getting to me, so I hit the bed by 9:00 PM.

Sunday, November 26

We arose at 6:00 AM and were on the road by 6:30. We stopped at the IHop in Marathon for breakfast. After we left the Keys, we took route 997 to route 41 and then route 29 to I75. We stopped in a rest area near Naples for lunch. Then we headed up I75 into increasingly thick traffic. As we neared Ocala, the traffic on I75 started to crawl along. We gave up around 5:30 PM and stayed overnight at Ocala Ranch RV Park. We ate dinner in the RV and Cathy washed our sheets. I went to bed early again because my cold was making me feel really lousy.

Monday, November 27

We arose at 6:10 AM; I was feeling pretty bad. I dumped the gray water tank and filled the fresh water tank before we left. We found a lot of fog on I75, so we stopped for breakfast after just a few miles at a Cracker Barrel. After breakfast, the fog lifted on I75 and the traffic moved at a good pace. We stopped at a supermarket to buy lunch and ate as we drove toward Atlanta because I was worried about the rush hour traffic. We made good progress and arrived at Bill and Stacey's house around 3:15 PM. I tried to keep my distance from everyone because of my cold.

Tuesday, November 28

I slept-in to try to fight my cold, but when I arose I still felt very lousy. I worked on some computer tasks and did the Monday and Tuesday NY Times crosswords. Also I took the "miracle" or "placebo", depending on who you talk to in the house, Zicam during the day. By evening, I felt a bit better, but was still congested in head and chest. I received an email from Larry Paddack at Las Canoas in Mazatlan and sent my own email to the rental director of the park to see about the possibility of staying there this winter. I also paid my two Mastercards online.

Wednesday, November 29

I got up shortly after 6:00 AM and felt better, but not good. I was still congested, but able to function. After breakfast I changed a bunch of light bulbs. Also, I finally took some photos of Billy (pics: 1,2,3), who is remarkably big and aware. I've decided that he's the kind of kid that gets called "Slugger". I did the NY Times crossword without much trouble. I received an email from the rental director at Las Canoas. He said that they don't take reservations, so we'll have to contact him when we're about to enter Mexico (or not) in January. Stacey and I put up outside Christmas lights using a couple of ladders. I still was unable (or unwilling) to exercise because of the nasty cold. I did manage to pan-fry snapper from the Keys for dinner.

Thursday, November 30

I actually felt worse today. Cathy and I strung up some indoor Christmas lights, but that's all I accomplished other than finishing the book, "The Real Animal House". The year covered in the book (1960-61) is the same year that I was in a fraternity at Florida State, so I could relate very well to the book. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys viewing (and re-viewing) the movie "Animal House". I cooked the onion, raison, and pine nut pasta version.

Friday, December 1

I felt better as I arose at 6:00 AM. The early morning temperature was 67°, but it would be in the low 30s before the night ended. I decided that I better drive to Twin Lakes Campground to fill the RV with propane. I had decided that we could return home via I81, but the overnight temperature for Sunday night would be in the low 20s in the Virginia mountains, so the furnace would be necessary. I also filled the gas tank on the way back. I tried later in the morning to get antifreeze at Wal-Mart, but they were sold out. Cathy, Stacey, Billy, and I ate lunch at the food court of the outlet mall after the girls had done some shopping. Cathy and I drank coffee for lunch. Then we picked up Sarah at day care after dressing both kids in Christmas outfits. We headed to Babies 'R Us and futilely attempted (pics: 1,2,3) to get both kids in a nice pose for an official Christmas portrait. Later, at home, we tried a few more shots. The best one that I took was pretty good, but not excellent. We all went to Mark and Marge Myers' house for a cocktail party. Mark was Bill's boss in Indiana and for the night had gathered Georgia people that came from Indiana. I put the RV furnace on when we returned because it was really getting cold. I set the thermostat at 50° and turned on the holding tank heater.

Saturday, December 2

I felt almost normal when I got up at 7:00 AM. It was 32° but the sun promised to warm the day quickly. Cathy and I went to Publix and then a marine store where I again found them sold out of RV anti-freeze. After almost a week, I finally pulled Sarah around the neighborhood in her wagon. It felt good, but I was puffing a bit on the uphill legs. Bill and I went out to the Wal-Mart at Exit 14 of rte. 400 and I was able to finally buy some antifreeze. Then we bought a Christmas Tree. When we got home, we set up the tree inside the house. Cathy and I began to pack the RV. Bill and Stacey had a date for the evening (dinner and bowling), so Cathy and I ordered pizza and babysat.

Sunday, December 3

We arose at 6:00 AM. Cathy washed the sheets while I cleaned the bathroom. We said our goodbyes and headed north. We stopped for breakfast with the other geezers at a Cracker Barrel on I85. Traffic was moderate and moving well, so we made good time. We bought subs at a Subway and ate in the RV. The truck traffic on I81 was heavy as usual, so we stopped driving around 4:00 PM and got a campsite at a truck stop/campground in Lexington, VA. It was cold there so our furnace and electric heater worked hard all night.

Monday, December 4

We stayed in bed until 7:00 AM to allow the sky to lighten and then got back on I81. We stopped at a Cracker Barrel for breakfast as usual. We stopped at a run-down service area on the PA Turnpike for lunch food which we ate in the RV. We arrived home around 3:45 PM, greeted by a cold west wind. I angled the RV so that we could unload it out of the wind. We finished around sundown. I parked the RV behind the house, plugged in, and set the furnace on 50°. We ate burgers, huddled by the fireplace. We viewed DVRed shows of "The Daily Show" and "Colbert Report" during and after dinner. Our electric blanket felt good when we headed to bed rather early.

Tuesday, December 5

I arose at 6:00 AM. After breakfast, I braved the wind and cold to drain the RV's fresh water tank and put in antifreeze. After lunch we dropped off the RV at the storage lot. The wind and cold continued as we thought of warm beaches elsewhere in the world. I competed the Monday and Tuesday NY Times crossword puzzles. We ate a mediocre dinner at the Lobster House.

Wednesday, December 6

I felt much better, but it was still too cold and windy to think about exercise outdoors except for a bike trip to WaWa to pick up hoagies for dinner, since Cathy was working GED Testing. I completed the crossword puzzle. I discovered that Comcast has all five "Rocky" movies in HD, so I started to watch them. It's hard to believe that they are so old and Philadelphia sure looks different now.

Thursday, December 7

I decided to go out for a 6 mile walk in addition to the bike ride to WaWa for hoagies. The wind and cold gave us a bit of a reprieve today. I completed the crossword puzzle and watched some more "Rocky".

Friday, December 8

The wind howled overnight as a gale set in which lasted all day. I bundled up against the wind and cold and walked about 6 miles, including the 18 holes at the new wildlife refuge. I worked on the crossword puzzle off and on all day and finished it in late afternoon. After lunch, we drove to Crest Haven and got free flu shots. Later, I went over to Pat Davis' house in Cape May Point to help her with some software problems on her computer. Cathy went to Carol Matthews' house for a polyanna; I stayed home and completed watching the "Rocky" movies. The wind died down a bit overnight.

Saturday, December 9

I slept-in until 7:00 AM due to a late bedtime the night before. After breakfast, I lifted weights while Cathy went to the gym. After lunch, Cathy started putting together our Christmas Card and insert mailing. After printing the insert, I took a bike ride in the wildlife refuge in a diminishing wind and 40 degree temperature. I cooked pasta with sweet onion, sun-dried tomatoes, and chick peas.

Sunday, December 10

We went to church at St. Barnabas in the morning. Cathy wrapped presents and we both took a 6 mile walk. I cooked pasta with sweet onion, raisins, and pine nuts.

Monday, December 11

This was a beautiful December day. Our neighbor Tom and I spent most of the day fishing in the ocean, mostly in the rips. Tom caught a few big sharks; I caught two short stripers. We returned to Tom's marina just before sunset. This was the night for the annual Cape May County Pollution Control Financing Authority banquet at Alfe's. We all had a very good time.

Tuesday, December 12

I had to make an onsite visit to Wildwood Linen to try to recover the office manager's computer from a nasty "trojan horse". After trying various things, I got Dell support on the phone and tried to re-install Windows without loss of data on the hard drive. The restoration operation failed, so I talked to a computer guy from Marmora and scheduled him to come to WWL at 1:00 PM to backup data on the now unbootable hard drive. After lunch, Cathy and I drove to Hamilton Mall and completed our Christmas shopping. We cooked at home for the only time this week.

Wednesday, December 13

I didn't have breakfast because of getting blood work done later in the morning. I dropped Cathy at the gym at a bit after 9:00 AM and wend over to Jim Sosna's to help him move his refrigerator to the completed area in his kitchen floor tile installation project. Then I went to Dr. Maroldo's office for a mini checkup and blood drawing. I was concerned about my ease of bleeding and wondered if anything would show up in the results of a blood workup. Afterward, I had a Latte and scone at Starbucks and then headed to WWL again to complete the reinstallation of programs and data on their computer that had been infected. I got home in the early afternoon and walked for 6 miles. We met George Pechin and Craig Needles at the Blue Pig for dinner and conversation. Congress Hall looked great with its Christmas lights lit.

Thursday, December 14

It was very foggy when I arose at 5:50 AM. We had dentist appointments in Cape May at 8:00 AM. Afterwards, we drove to Rio Grande for Starbucks coffee and some errands. When we returned home we replaced a couple of outside spotlights. After lunch I took a foggy kayak paddle down to the canal. We went to Alfe's again with our neighbors Tom and Joy and Jim and Fran, where we enjoyed a pleasant meal.

Friday, December 15

It was a beautiful day and the Bay was very smooth. I rode my bike to Steve Shetz's house and fixed his wife June's computer, allowing her access to her email. I continued the bike ride to the canal and then into the wildlife refuge for an 18 hole circuit. After lunch I wore a short wetsuit for a fishing paddle on the calm Bay. I trolled with the deep diving "bomber" lure that Paula Kline had given me via Cathy. I didn't catch any fish, but I saw some bunker and had a good workout. We went over to Tom and Joy's for a brief visit at 5:00 PM. We took Jim Sosna and his wife Linda Keech out for a great dinner at the Moonfish Grill. We ate good food and had a lot of fun. The other 3 drank a goodly amount of red and white wine during the meal.

Saturday, December 16

I rode my bike for a 36 hole circuit in the wildlife refuge while Cathy went to the gym. We picked up the RV just before lunch. After lunch, I de-winterized the water system and got all of the systems ready for our winter sojourn. In mid-afternoon, I took a 6 mile walk. During late afternoon, we joined a group of Cathy's former teaching colleagues at Margaret and Jim Lloyd's home in North Cape May. We enjoyed the company and an excellent feast.

Sunday, December 17

We went to church services at St. Barnabas for the second week straight. Afterward, I rode my bike for 36 holes in the wildlife refuge. After lunch, I spent a good portion of the afternoon cleaning the exterior of the RV, which was filthy from our last trip. Lauren and Beth Finlay came over to enjoy a cloudy sunset and some conversation with Cathy (and a bit with me as well). I cooked a wonderful pasta meal to celebrate our eating in for the first time in several nights.

Monday, December 18

I attended to a myriad of little details at home while Cathy went to the gym. Then I went to Jim Sosna's house to drop off our car key and to say goodbye for the winter. Jim will be attending to our mail this year as a business arrangement in addition to looking in on our house once in a while. I spent some time playing with Jim's dog Chloe before departing. After lunch, the temperature neared 70 degrees. We dropped off some information to Al's Plumbing, who will close down our house for the winter. Then we drove to Cape May Point and walked into Cape May. We stopped in on Corey Gilbert's store to say hello while we were there. We stopped at ACME briefly on the way home. We arrived in time to view a gorgeous sunset. We had burgers for dinner.

Tuesday, December 19

I drove Cathy to a Retinal Specialist's office for a checkup of her eyes. During her long appointment, I drove to Wildwood Linen and installed a backup script for Nancy's new 4 GB USB flashcard. Afterward, I went to Staples to get our road logs for Mexico printed in color and bound. When we returned home, we sang "Happy Birthday" on the phone to Katie and then I packed my stuff into the RV. I stopped by Dr. Maroldo's office to get a copy of my lab results and returned later at 3:45 PM for an office visit to talk to the doctor.

Wednesday, December 20

I finalized the preparations for the RV and then took a 6 mile walk to say goodbye to the Bay on this last day of Autumn. After lunch, we left for our winter sojourn, expecting to return around the time of the Vernal Equinox. If things go as planned, we will be absent for the entire 3 months of winter. We had a fairly easy drive to Doylestown, and pulled into Katie and Tom's driveway a bit after 4:00 PM. "Cousin Eddie had arrived." Katie and Tom's house was beautifully decorated for Christmas. We all went to dinner a Roman Delight and then returned home to celebrate Katie's birthday. I realized that I'm twice as old as she. Tom surprised Katie with a Venus 10 kayak, designed especially for women by Ocean Kayaks.

Winter Solstice

Katie and Tom headed for NYC for a play and an overnight stay. Rachel went off to day care. Cathy and I drove to Starbucks and enjoyed coffee and the NY Times by fireside. When we returned, I went out for a 6.2 mile walk around Lake Gelena at Peace Valley. Cathy went out for a pedicure and a manicure. After lunch, we visited Kay Keeley, Sue's mother, and then went to Rachel's Christmas party at day care via Starbucks. It was funny watching all of the kids eating chocolate cupcakes with green icing and other sugary and salty items. We returned to play with Rachel before dinner.

Friday, December 22

We dropped Rachel off at her "Breakfast Club" at day care and then went to Starbucks for breakfast and NY Times perusing. Afterward we headed to the King of Prussia Mall to walk for 6 miles. Cathy got a pair of glasses while we were there. We ate lunch in the California Cafe. We picked up Rachel around 4:00 PM and just got in the door before Katie and Tom returned from NYC. I cooked a good pasta meal in our newly purchased wok.

Saturday, December 23

Everybody but Tom went to Starbucks for breakfast. Katie and I went to the YMCA where we did some cardio and then a Hatha Yoga class with instructor Sandy. It was great getting back into a yoga class, but I was creaking a bit. Cathy and Katie went grocery shopping while Tom rode his bike. When they returned, I walked 6 miles around the lake. Everyone else ate Chicken Parmesan, but I ate Red Beans and Rice. I had picked up "Life of Brian" on DVD. We watched it after dinner.

Christmas Eve

My cold (caught from Rachel) was settling in my chest and sinuses. I woke up early and walked to Giant for a lousy machine Cappuccino and four fresh bagels. When I arrived back, I finished my coffee and ate one of the bagels. Eventually, everyone else got up and ate breakfast. We piled into two cars and headed to Alex and Phil's house in Glen Mills. Phil's parents were there, so there were 11 of us for lunch. Phil made a gigantic bowl of fruit to accompany sandwiches. While Rachel took a nap, Katie led Erin and Bridget in a "cookie painting" session where they made place cards for Christmas dinner. Phil showed us his new "wii" video game set. I beat Tom in bowling and then lost by a close decision in boxing and got tromped by Tom in tennis. We all had to dress to leave around 4:00 PM to get good seats for the Children's Service and Christmas Pageant at Alex and Phil's Episcopal church. I helped Phil and his father light lumenaries lining both sides of the long driveway of the church. The service was delightful: no sermon, lots of Christmas carols, and Erin played an angel in the pageant. We returned back to cook and eat a feast of Shrimp Etouffe and Honeybaked Ham. After a marathon dishwashing session, we drove back to Doylestown. Once there, cookies and milk and grapes were put out for Santa. I read "Twas the Night Before Christmas" to a squirmy Rachel. I think that Katie started vacuuming and Tom worked on his Boston Cream Pie, but I went to bed.

Christmas Day

I awoke early and went downstairs where I was startled by "Flat Tom", one of Katie's presents from Tom. Rachel was a lot of fun as she opened and played with various presents. She sang the "Bumblebee" song with Katie, Tom, and Cathy, while she was inside of a new hamper she received as a present and Katie was wearing the PFD I had given her to use with her kayak. Rachel "vacuumed" the floor with the new cleaning set that we gave her. Tom was the executive chef for Christmas Dinner. I worked on veggie and bread cutting for the stuffing. Katie flew the bird which was fully stuffed and in the oven at 12:15 PM. Tom and I incurred the wrath of the women by taking 23 minutes to solve the NY Times crossword puzzle. At around 2:00 PM, Alex and Phil and the girls came over. We had another present opening from which Tom and I had to excuse ourselves to peel potatoes. Phil plugged in his "wii". While Katie and Phil played tennis, Rachel cleaned around them with her "dustbuster". We had a big Christmas feast with great food and fellowship. We had an ultramarathon dishwashing session. It was a big day!

Tuesday, December 26

I awoke shortly after 6:00 AM and started packing the RV. Katie, Tom, and Rachel all had bad colds and were planning to visit doctors later in the day. We headed out around 7:30 AM and stopped at the Starbucks in Genardi's for breakfast and a NY Times. We realized that we had a bag that should be dropped at Katie and Tom's, so we drove back and dropped it off. We finally were on the road in the mist. Traffic was surprisingly heavy because of all of the people on the go on the day after Christmas. We had Subway subs in the RV for lunch. We finally quit driving around 5:00 PM and found a chilly campsite in a nearly deserted campground in Hillsville, VA. Cathy cooked a good meal of tortellini for dinner. I completed the NY Times crossword puzzle after dinner and headed to bed early to nurse my cold.

Wednesday, December 27

I awoke at 6:40 AM. We were on the road just before sunrise at a bit after 7:00 AM. Traffic was heavy again and again we stopped for Subway subs. We rolled into Bill and Stacey's driveway at about 2:30 PM. We now got to see the tree trimmed. Billy seemed a lot bigger. We had another present exchange. I got some good loot from Stacey and Bill, wrapped in PC wrapping paper from ThinkGeek.com. Sarah got her own cleaning set with vacuum and dollhouse. We had takeout Thai and Chinese dinners.

Thursday, December 28

I spent a good part of the day suffering from my cold and searching for tickets for the Peach Bowl . I kept an eye on eBay, but tickets seemed to be going for around $200 apiece there. I also kept close touch with the Virginia Tech football bulletin board which has a ticket exchange forum. I had a lot of close misses, but finally came up with a pair of tickets for about $60 apiece that Katie and Tom could pick up close to their overnight lodging at Tom's sister Jenn's house in Roanoke. I managed to pull Sarah around the neighborhood in her wagon, accompanied by Cathy. We all drove to "Sweet Tomatoes" for lunch and then went to Fry's Electronics where I got a 2 GB USB Flash Card for $29. When we got back home, I backed up several folders. Bill cooked burgers for dinner.

Friday, December 29

I awoke very stuffed up again. I waited until 8:30 AM and called a man in Buckhead who had two tickets for the bowl. I was a bit late again. I went back to the Hokie bulletin board and found someone in Blacksburg who had a ticket in the same section as Katie and Tom. I fired back an email asking for his phone number. When he replied, I called Tom and gave him the phone number. Tom arranged to pick up the ticket in Christiansburg as they drove past on the way to Atlanta. So now I had a ticket also and Cathy had her preference of not going to the game; she wanted to help with the kids. After lunch, Bill and I went out to run a few errands. At Walmart, I found a maroon "scrub shirt" that was perfect for going over my orange long-sleeved shirt. The shirt cost $11. We tracked Katie and Tom as they drove toward Cumming. Finally, they arrived, with VT "flair" in its full glory, at around 7:00 PM. The cousins Sarah and Rachel were reunited. We all enjoyed a dinner of Stuffed Shells and meatballs, prepared by Cathy and Stacey. After her bath, Rachel helped to get things ready for the Peach Bowl. Everyone was pretty tired and so retired fairly early.

Peach Bowl

We had our tickets, got dressed in our colors and headed out toward the Marta Station (commuter rail). We rode a mostly empty car with a few other Virginia Tech fans and arrived at the Georgia Dome area around noon. It was misty and a little windy as we walked to CNN Center for lunch in the food court. Tom and Katie went to Moe's for burritos while I went to Starbucks for a latte and scone. We went back out into the mist to enjoy the Peach Bowl Parade (pics: 1,2,3). When the VT Marching Band went by, we joined a huge throng of VT fans and followed the band to the Fan Fest in the huge convention center. An amazing total of 31,000 fans enjoyed the festivities and $7 a bottle beers. Each of the three of us tried our feet at kicking field goals, where I did the worst. Katie liked the looks of a bungee cord trampoline and spent a long time in a queue to get her turn at bouncing. Katie and I waited in another line to get our faces painted and then we were part of the fan corridor for the team walk-by. We headed back over to CNN Center to get some dinner. I settled for a smoothie. We sat on the floor surrounded by lots of other picnickers. We walked over to the Georgia Dome a bit after 7:00 PM. We had a surprisingly easy time getting into the stadium and up to our level. We took a bathroom stop near our section. I was lined up for the rightmost of the four urinals. The guy right in front of me outdid Tom Hanks in "League of Their Own" as he peed for several minutes and kept up a running commentary insulting Georgia fans. He apologized several times and said that the bowl game was his birthday present. We finally got to our seats and found that our view of the field was super. The game: the first half was great, the second half was not. Enough said! Sometime in that second half, a very drunk Georgia fan sitting a couple of rows behind me in our predominately Hokie section somehow was launched into the air and landed on my back. I was standing at the time and pitched forward onto the guy sitting in front of me. No one was hurt, the drunk didn't puke on anyone, and amazingly, he didn't get thrown out of the game. The Georgia Dome is a good venue for a bowl game. The big problem with the Peach Bowl was the incessant commercial messages, audio and visual advertising way out of control. I think that the bowl officials took the NASCAR model for advertising: total coverage. We left the game with about 5 minutes left; the Hokies were impossibly behind. We got very lucky catching an eastbound and then a northbound train without waiting. We were back at Bill and Stacey's at 1:00 AM. Lots of fun!

New Year's Eve

I awoke at 6:15 AM a bit hoarse from my cold and from yelling at the bowl game. I had the opportunity to do some rainy day activities with Sarah and Rachel during the morning. After lunch, the kids, including Katie, took naps. Afterward, we headed in two vehicles for the Cumming Sports Center. We had intended to bowl, but the wait for a lane was over an hour. So we hung around the arcade (pics:1,2,3,4) until it was time to move on to an early dinner at Joe's Crab Shack, Bill and Stacey's treat. When we finished eating, we exited into a very heavy rainstorm. We had to drive in the rain back to Bill and Stacey's. Stacey gave the kids some New Year's Eve regalia (pics:1,2,3,4). They especially enjoyed the noisemakers. By the time the Dick Clark special came on the air at 10:00 PM, much of the household was already in bed. I decided that I would stay up until midnight for a change.

We had another eventful year in 2006 and anticipate an exciting 2007. Read about the beginning portion of the new year in "On the Road 2007".

William G. McArthur