Bill and Cathy McArthur Spring/Summer/Fall 2011: 3

  Monday, June 13, Bill awoke early, ate breakfast, and worked on the computer for a while. Everybody else was up pretty early as well. We drove to Busch Gardens and arrived just after the park opened. We spent a long day in the park. We rode many rides. We ate lunch at Oktoberfest beer garden and watched a German show. After we arrived back at the condo, Bill and Tom went out to pick up Thai food for dinner.

  Tuesday, Bill got up around 4:00 AM. He headed out at 6:00 AM for a run. He discovered a great bike path and a set of running trails. He run for 5 miles and walked for a total of 3 miles. Later in the morning, we headed for the water park. We enjoyed a bunch of water slides, including a raft ride which Katie, Tom, Rachel, and I enjoyed. We ate lunch at a restaurant in the park. The highlight of the day for Bill, Katie, and Tom was Vanish Point. They took the "cliff dive" slides first and then the "phone booth where the floor drops out" next. Both slides were thrilling. Everyone but Cathy went on the Hubba Hubba Highway, a warm water, fast-moving river that is ridden in a pfd. We drove to Moe's for an early dinner and then went back to Busch Gardens for the evening.

  Wednesday morning, everyone but Cathy took a bike ride to Jamestown on the bike path that Bill had discovered. The ride continued for a while down Colonial Boulevard. We ate lunch in the condo and spent the afternoon at Busch Gardens. Bill and Cathy babysat the kids while Katie and Tom enjoyed a dinner out.

  Thursday morning, Bill got up around 4:00 AM again. He went out at 6:00 AM and ran the bike path to Jamestown. He ran for 10K and walked for 2.5 miles. We all went to Busch Gardens. We ate lunch at the Italian Fesitval and watched the show. Later in the afternoon, Tom and Bill did "Bill's Challenge": ride all four coasters in the front row. Katie joined them, but skipped Alpengeist. Rachel joined them for Loch Ness Monster, her second ride in the front row. Bill ranked the coasters: Griffon, Apollo's Chariot, Alpengeist, and Loch Ness Monster. We met Katie and Tom's friends Jimmy and Katrina for dinner at Al's Italian Restaurant. The four kids red-lined the chaos meter during dinner. The other diners wanted to applaud us when we left, but were afraid of an encore.

  Friday, we took our time packing up. Katie and Tom headed to Yorktown. Bill and Cathy headed for home. We arrived around 4:30 PM. After unpacking, we finished the day with dinner at Fish On.

  Saturday, Bill got up early to get ready for the Leap Frog bike ride. There was a storm that passed by the venue for the event, so Bill waited it out before driving to Felton, DE. Bill rode the interesting 64 mile route mostly by himself. He passed several people and was never passed himself. Bill was trying out Hammer products for the first time and it went well. Bill used Heed for the first couple of hours and then switched to Perpeteum. He had to mix the Perpeteum at the 40 mile rest stop. He also used Endurolytes: 1 before the start, 1 at the end of an hour, 2 at the end of two hours, and 3 at the end of three hours. When the ride was complete, Bill drank Recoverite. His moving average for the course was 17.2 mph. Bill ate a late lunch when he got home and then chilled out for the afternoon. Bill ate pasta and Cathy ate a frozen meal for dinner. We viewed "Winter's Bone" - a stark depiction of mountain life, quite well acted.

  Sunday was Fathers Day. Bill slept-in until 5:30 AM. He had decided to take the day off from physical activity and worked on his online journal for a while. Bill did a stretching, weights, and abs workout. We met John and Diane Hartnett for a 2:30 PM meal at Cafe Azafrans in Lewes. We just snacked on hummus and olives while John and Diane enjoyed salads. We talked until we were thrown out of the restaurant at 4:15 PM. We drove to Home Depot and bought grout cleaner and grout sealer with color for the downstairs shower. Bill took a shower and cleaned the discolored grout spots. We grilled burgers for dinner and omitted salads due to the mid-afternoon snack. We viewed "Case 39" - a well-done, disturbing movie about an evil little girl.

        Bill and Cathy