Bill and Cathy McArthur Spring/Summer/Fall 2011: 1

   This is our first report of the time period between our winter trip (see and the holiday season commencing with Thanksgiving. We had usually been based in our home in Cape May Beach during these months of the year and, for the most part, didn't want to be anywhere else. This year we returned to our townhouse in Lewes, DE and were happy to be home.

  Thursday, May 19, we returned from Florida, in the XTerra, at 5:00 PM, after a long couple of days on the road. Bill discovered that the Moonbug had a dead battery in spite of us paying Ed Dee to come to the house regularly to check things and to start the car. Bill popped the hood to jump the VW, but couldn't see the battery, which was under a plastic cover and a junction box. Bill called AAA and got the car jumped and the tires inflated. We had a lot of work to do to get settled into the house before eating Grotto pizza in front of our TV. We fell into bed exhausted.

  Friday we had a lot of stuff to do. Bill took a short ride on his bike to be sure that everything was working smoothly. He noticed that the float on his new bike shoes made it hard to unclip in a hurry, so he decided to use his old shoes for the duathlon on Saturday. We met John and Dianne Hartnett at Greene Turtle in Rehoboth Beach for lunch. We had a good reunion. We made a couple of stops on the way home. Later, John and Dianne came over with four packages from UPS that we sent home from Florida via the Hartnetts: a new Keurig coffee maker and a lot of K-cups, a bike stand, and a toaster oven. We got the new items set up. We ate at Gallucios restaurant in the Village of Five Points. Bill ate pasta for the next day's event. We started to view "Sylvia", but only watched half due to the time and the darkness of the plot.

  Saturday started at 4:00 AM for Bill. He enjoyed coffee from the new Keurig and got his gear together (most of it was organized the night before). He put the bike on the back of the XTerra and left at 5:30 AM for Dover Park and the Du Delaware duathlon. Bill got set up in the transition area, picked up his bib number, and chatted with Dave Moses for a while. The event consisted of two 1.5 mile runs and an eight mile bike ride. The runs were on a somewhat wet grassy trail. Bill's legs didn't feel like running, so his times were lousy. The bike ride was a bit better, but he still lacked his usual energy. He averaged 19.2 mph, but had hoped to average 20 mph for the short course. Bill won his division by default. After Bill got home, he cleaned his bike. We did a huge shopping trip to Super Fresh to restock the house with food. We had quinoa and a frozen meal for dinner. We viewed "Secretariat" - a very good movie.

  Sunday morning, we drove to the outlet mall which contains Applebee's and has access to the Lewes-Rehoboth Trail. We registered for the De Feet Breast Cancer 5K, Cathy to walk, and Bill to run. We saw Lee Masser, Jack Noel, and several other people that Bill knew from running last summer. Bill felt better during the run and finished first in his age group. We hung around for the award ceremony. We stopped at Hooked on Plants on Old Landing Road, to buy Bern Ernakovich a plant. Bill discovered that the store also has a great selection of K-cups, including Chamomile Tea. Bill bought a box of 24. We drove to the Ernakovich's home to drop off the plant and say hello. After lunch, we drove to Club Fitness in the Rehoboth Mall so that Cathy could sign up for a summer membership. We grilled burgers for dinner and viewed "Temple Grandin" - a very inspirational movie. Bill had chamomile tea.

  Monday, Cathy went to her gym for a couple of exercise classes. Bill did an weights workout downstairs and did a self-taught spin class for a sweaty hour on the bike trainer. Shortly after lunch, the Cable guy came to install Internet and a TV package including HBO. After the guy left, Bill spent a frustrating afternoon trying to setup the TiVo, which kept aborting the program setup because of Internet interruptions. He did get the blu-ray player interfaced with the new network so that we could view some episodes of "30 Rock" during a pasta dinner. Bill enjoyed chamomile tea from the Keurig.

  Tuesday, Bill never left the house. He spent the whole day messing around with technology. He got the TiVo working and got set up on XFinity TV, but after chatting with 8 agents and talking with two others on the phone, never got connected with HBO GO. Cathy went to a couple of hard classes. We had quiche for dinner and watched "Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian." Bill had chamomile tea.

  Wednesday morning, the News Journal was delivered in the driveway. Cathy went to a couple of classes at the gym. Bill did a weights and stretching workout in the basement and then went for a very sweaty 10 mile run on the Trail. After lunch, Bill tried to install and activate a pair of DTAs (Digital Transfer Adaptors). The activation was a long process and only one of the adaptors would activate. We set up an appointment with a Comcast technician for next Thursday between 11 and 2. Bill went out shopping and to the post office to mail the "David" apron to Dick Schofield. Then, Bill drove to Anglers Marina, north of Irish Eyes, to find out about storage and launching for his kayak. He talked with J. B. Walsh, the owner, who offered Bill a deal for $400 until mid-October. Bill will try to get a contract on Friday. We met John and Diane Hartnett at Villa Sorento for dinner. The food was good, but the atmosphere lacked a bit and the service was slow. We all went back to our house after dinner for chamomile tea, conversation, and watching "American Idol" finals.

  Thursday was a hot day. Cathy went to her exercise classes. Bill headed out on the bike, intending to ride for 80 miles. He stopped at 30 miles due to lots of traffic and tired legs. He decided that he needed to rest his legs until the Masser 5 Miler on Sunday. We kept the air conditioning on all day for the first time since we've returned home. Bill finally got on HBO GO on his iPhone and laptop. We went to dinner at Fish On and enjoyed a great meal while sitting outside. Later, we viewed "Get Him to the Greek" on the TiVo.  

  Friday, Cathy went to classes. Bill had decided to rest his legs for a couple of days, so he settled for a stretching and weights workout in the basement. Later in the morning, we went to Home Depot for some items, including some flowers for 3 pots. We also bought a flag. Alex and the kids arrived in early afternoon. We all had lunch. Then, the girls went to the swimming pool and the guys went to Cape Henlopen State Park to the beach. There was a strong south wind, so Bill and Garrett set up next to the boardwalk steps to be sheltered. They stayed until after 4:00 PM and then headed back. All of us went to dinner at M. Gallucios and enjoyed good Italian meals.

  Saturday was a sunny and windy day. We all went to the beach at Cape Henlopen State Park and enjoyed the summery weather. We deployed our new umbrella tent and another umbrella to provide shade. The kids spent a lot of time in the rough surf. Bill held Garrett's hand at water's edge and let him have some fun in the ocean also. We ate lunch on the beach and headed back home during early afternoon. Alex, Bill, and the kids went to the movies later in the afternoon. Bill and the kids spent 2 hours and 21 minutes enjoying "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" while Alex enjoyed "Bridesmaids" by herself. We returned for a wonderful grilled swordfish dinner.

  Sunday, Bill awoke at 4:15 AM to get ready for the Masser 5 Miler at Cape Henlopen High School. Alex got up somewhat later, but the two of them drove to the school at 6:15 AM. Bill was pre-registered, but Alex had to register onsite. The morning warmed quickly and was humid. Bill finished in 43 minutes and Alex finished in 54 minutes. Bill joined Alex for her run in to the finish. They drove back home right after Alex finished. Bill returned to the race site for the awards ceremony where he took first in the 70-74 age group, which had 7 runners in it. After Bill returned home, we had an early lunch and then Alex and the kids headed back to Glen Mills. Bill went to Hooked on Plants on Old Landing Road to buy flavored K-cups. He stopped at Food Lion on the way back. Later, Bill washed the garage floor and the VW.

        Bill and Cathy