Bill and Cathy McArthur Spring/Summer/Fall 2010: 8

   Monday, September 6, was Labor Day. Bill started with a bike ride. As he reported on FaceBook:

Nice Labor Day 50 mile ride on the Comet. Two guys, one on a tri-bike and the other latched on with a road bike, passed me with 4 miles to go. I almost kept up until the end of my ride:

After lunch, Bill launched at Canal Park, from a very muddy ramp, and paddled in the wind and rough Bay for 6 miles. The mud on the launching ramp was deep and mucky. This is not a good place to put in a kayak. Bill had a lot of hosing to do when he got home to clean up the equipment. Meanwhile, Cathy spent a good part of the day preparing a feast for us and John and Diane Hartnett, who joined us for dinner. Cathy presented an excellent oven-baked cod and pasta salad. Bill grilled vegetables. It was a wonderful meal followed by Cathy's yogurt pie dessert. We had a good social evening with our friends.

   Tuesday, Cathy did her normal two classes at the Y. Bill did his 6 AM spin class followed by yoga and a 5 mile run on the Trail. We had a good dinner out at Jake's on Route 1.

   Wednesday, Cathy was off to the Y as usual. Bill rode his bike for 30 miles in a gusty NW wind. After lunch, we drove to the Fishing Pier at Cape Henlopen. Bill used his new kayak wheels to roll his kayak down to the beach. It was very windy and choppy. Bill enjoyed an almost two hour workout in the waves. We had a quinoa and pan-fried chicken breast for dinner.

   Thursday, Cathy wasn't feeling up to par, so she didn't go to the Y in the morning. Bill was doing a mini-taper for Saturday's race to rest his legs. Bill went to Home Depot to buy a new furnace filter for $32. He installed it afterward. We went shopping at Super Fresh, where Bill enjoyed a cappuccino after getting a haircut at Super Cuts. After lunch, Bill drove to Dave's Road Bikes in Dover to get his bike tuned up. Phil was also there, picking up his new tri-bike. When, Bill returned home, Cathy went to the Y for an evening class. We enjoyed a tortellini dinner while we viewed "Whip It" on NetFlix DVD. It was an enjoyable movie, but not great.

   Friday, Cathy was back to the Y for her two classes. Bill spent a few hours catching up on this journal. Cathy drove over to the Ernakovich's house to walk with Bern and her grandson Alex to the toy store in Lewes. We picked up Joe and Maria Link at the ferry terminal at 2:30 PM. We drove back to our home for a while for some socializing. Later, we drove to the Bottle & Cork for packet pickup and so Bill could do the Pump part of the Pump N Run. He bench-pressed 82 pounds 18 times. We had a simple but good pasta meal when we got back home. Everyone went to bed fairly early.

   Saturday started very early for Joe and Bill. Joe was up at 4:00 AM for breakfast and hydration. Bill got up around 4:45 AM and had his oatmeal, coffee, and G2. Cathy and Maria had breakfast a bit after 6:00 AM. Joe and Bill headed to Dewey Beach a bit before 7:00 AM in the Moonbug. They got the last parking spot behind the Bottle & Cork. Bill had 2 Clif bars before the race started. Bill lined up a bit too far back in the pack for the start and struggled to get out to where he could run his own pace. Bill had thought about trying to run at an average of 8:30 minutes/mile for the 10 miles, but was surprised that his pace was faster although he felt relaxed and comfortable:

Bill was also somewhat chatty during the run. He set a new course record and missed the Delaware state age group record by less than a minute (maybe if he had lined up closer to the start line). Joe also had a good run and came in 3rd in his age group. We headed home after the post-race festivities. Bill and Joe grabbed quick showers and we all walked to Grand Slam/Grotto Pizza for lunch. Afterward, we drove to Wolf Neck so that Cathy could walk and Bill, Joe, and Maria could ride their bikes on the trail. We returned home, drank some coffee, and left for the ferry terminal so that Joe and Maria could catch the 6:15 PM ferry. Later, Bill and Cathy went to dinner at Fish On. Just for fun, Bill looked at some race predictions based on his run:

2 miles : 14:36 @ 7:18 min/mile
5K: 23:22 @ 7:32 min/mile
5 miles: 38:47 @ 7:45 min/mile
10K: 48:40 @ 7:51 min/mile
10 miles: 1:20 @ 8:04 min/mile
half: 1:47 @ 8:12 min/mile
marathon: 3:48 @ 8:43 min/mile

We viewed about half of "The Maiden Heist" before heading to bed.

   Sunday was rainy and dreary and chilly all day. Bill was hoping for a bike ride, but the weather did not cooperate. As the day wore on, he realized that his feet hurt a bit and it was best to rest his legs. Cathy went to an Episcopal Church in Lewes. Bill attempted to do the Sunday crossword, but only got about 2/3 of it before giving up. We went shopping at Superfresh. During and after lunch, we finished watching the movie from the night before. We judged it to be one of the worst we've ever seen. We chilled out for the afternoon. Bill read quite a bit of "A Random Soldier." He knew that the ending would be sad, but the writing is brilliant and the story is compelling. We grilled burgers for dinner and viewed, "Armored", a very good action movie with a great cast. Bill found that he had made a mistake interpreting our calendar for September 22. Bill thought that Bob and Beth were coming on the 23rd and had accepted an invitation for a bike ride on that day. Cathy was not happy.

        Bill and Cathy