Bill and Cathy McArthur Spring/Summer/Fall 2010: 5

   Monday, July 19, Bill went out at first light for a kayak paddle up the Broadkill River to Milton. It was an 11.6 mile trip with counter current for the first half. Meanwhile, Cathy went to the Y for a couple of classes. Around 11:00 AM, we went to the Georgetown DMV to try to get driver licenses. The wait was extremely long, so after a few minutes, we drove to the Dover DMV and picked up a number. We ate a quick lunch in an Olive Garden and then brought the Moonbug to Dover VW to get the satellite radio fixed. it took about 90 minutes. When we got back to the DMV, they were just a bit past our number. Bill called Dave Moses of Dave's Road Bikes and then we drove over there. Dave and Bill chatted for a while about road bikes vs. tri-bikes. Dave advised Bill to get a tri-bike in order to rest the running muscles and suggested a Jamis Comet, which he had in stock. When we returned to Steamboat Landing, Bill discovered that he couldn't activate the satellite radio. He called Lee at Dover VW and asked him to activate it. We had to leave the radio on for a while, but Lee finally called and said that he was done. The radio worked! We had tortellini for dinner.

   Tuesday, Bill took a 6:00 AM spin class, followed by a 7:15 AM yoga class. Then he went for a run on the Lewes/Rehoboth Beach trail. It was very hot and humid. Bill hoped to run for 10 miles, but a mile 7.5 he had to walk for a half mile while he ate a power bar and drank some G2. He finished the last two miles slowly. Cathy had been at a pilates class. When we got back together, we drove to the Georgetown DMV. After a wait of over an hour, we finally got our Delaware driver licenses. We stopped in a pizza place in Georgetown for a slice of pizza for Cathy and a veggie grinder for Bill. We returned to the RV to clean up and change. Then, we went to Superfresh for a few items. We also went to Starbucks. Afterward, we drove to John and Diane Hartnett's house in Milton for dinner. After dinner, Bill helped set up a Toshiba laptop that John and Diane had bought for a granddaughter. We got back to the RV about 9:30 PM.

   Wednesday, Bill got up at 4:30 AM so he could do a duathlon training session: 2 mile run, 13.5 mile bike, 5K run. It was slow going, but Bill managed to eke out 8:36 for the second mile of the preamble and 8:39 for the third mile of the 5K. Cathy walked at the same time. After a shower, Bill made reservations for the 11:15 AM ferry to Cape May and the 6:00 PM ferry back to Lewes. We were heading to NJ for a doctor's appointment and to do some banking. We stopped at the post office to pick up mail and then drove to the ferry terminal. When we arrived at the Cape May side, we headed to our friends Beth and Bob's house and then took two cars to Lucky Bones for lunch. Their daughter Lauren also joined us. We stayed at lunch until about 2:40 PM, when Cathy and Bill had to leave for Cathy's appointment with Dr. Maroldo. Bill drove to Rio Grande for gas for the VW and for a cappuccino. Afterward, Bill picked up Cathy and we went to Cape Bank to arrange for payment for the townhouse at Friday's settlement. Finally, we drove to ACME so Cathy could run an errand before heading back to the Cape May ferry terminal. We got on the 4:30 PM ferry instead of the 6:00 PM reservation. We talked with George Nason, a pilot for the ferry, during the ride. After arriving in Lewes, we drove to Second Street and parked for dinner at Azafran Cafe. We enjoyed 6 items on the tapas menu. We had lots of email to attend to when we got back to the RV.

   Thursday was our last full day with the RV. Bill got up at 4:30 AM and drove to the Y for a spin class and a yoga class. Cathy went in for a step and a Pilates class and dropped our laundry off on the way back. When Bill got back, he called a locksmith to change locks on Friday at the townhouse and called Delaware Camping Center to arrange to bring the RV there on Friday afternoon. We decided to take the XTerra to the DMV and failed the brake part of the inspection. We went to an auto center on Route 9 to schedule brake work for Tuesday at 10:00 AM. We went to Superfresh for a few items and a cappuccino for Bill. After lunch, we went to pick up the laundry. Then, Bill used the new roof rack system to load the kayak atop the XTerra. He also put on the bike rack and the three bikes. Then, after 3:00 PM, we drove the Moonbug to John and Diane's home in Milton to complete Bill's work on their new laptop. Bill also secured their home wireless network. Later, we headed back to the RV. Bill grabbed a shower and then we drove into Lewes. We ate a good meal at Striper Bites and then checked our mail at the post office. When we got back, Bill set up the new Nuvi GPS in the Moonbug. Then, Bill changed our address on and emailed Rock Creek RV Park with our new mailing address. Our last night in the RV awaited us as we went to bed.

   Friday was a very busy day. We got up early, ate breakfast, and prepared the RV for travel. We shuttled the XTerra to the Home Depot parking lot and returned to the campground. Then, we checked out and shuttled the RV to Home Depot. We drove the VW to Starbucks and got a cappuccino. At 9:00 AM, we met our realtor Pat at the townhouse in Eagle Point. We did a walkthrough and were happy with the status of everything. Bill changed the code on the garage door keypad. We traveled with Pat to the settlement at the lawyer's office. All went smoothly there. Pat dropped us back at our new townhouse, where Bill carried Cathy over the threshhold. We moved the RV to our driveway and unpacked it. Some of the items went to their final destination while others went temporarily to the garage. Bill called John Hartnett and asked him to come over. Bill and John caravaned on a long trip, including detours, to Delaware Camping to put the RV for sale on consignment. The sales manager thought we would get around $39,000. During the day, a locksmith came over and changed the locks. Also, a Sleepys deliver truck came to drop off a queen size box spring and mattress for the master bedroom. Later, we all went out to dinner at Annabella's.

   Saturday morning was a typical early one for Bill. He drove to Cape Henlopen High School to compete in Chad's Run 5K. It was hot and humid, so Bill took it easy and finished with 8:24 min/mile pace and 2nd place in the 70+ age group. Later, we finished putting away all of the items from the RV. Don and Bern came over with grandson Alex. They were very impressed with our townhouse. We went to Lowes and bought two ceiling fans for the loft. We also made arrangements with a man named Roy to install them on Sunday. We did some food shopping and had pasta for our first dinner in the townhouse.

   Sunday morning was early again for Bill. He drove to North Rehoboth Beach for the Y 5 Miler. He ran for a 8:21 min/mile pace and took the first place trophy in the 70+ age group. This run completed Bill's qualification for the Seashore Striders series. He had five 5Ks and a 5 miler. He will have to compete in the series in the 65-69 age group. Roy came over and installed our new ceiling fans in the loft. He did a great job. We went to Fish On for dinner.

        Bill and Cathy