Bill and Cathy McArthur Spring/Summer/Fall 2009: 6

    Monday, June 15 , Bill learned how to use Google Maps and produced a map of the Tidewater Journey of 2008 for the Delaware Bay Keeper website. Bill signed up for Verizon DSL and DirectTV; goodbye Comcast. After lunch Cathy and Bill rode their bikes to Cape May Point. It was a nice afternoon, but a bit cool and windy. We had pasta for dinner. Bill caught up with the season opener of "True Blood."

    Tuesday was another windy day. Bill worked on the Delaware Bay Keeper website and the map of GPS locations. Cathy went out to lunch with her friend Beth. Later, Cathy went to the gym for an afternoon aerobics class. Bill had a salad for dinner, but then ate about 2/3 of a yogurt pie.

    Wednesday was windy again. Cathy went to the gym in the morning. Bill went out for a 5 mile run. After lunch, Bill donned his spring wetsuit and went out for a 10 mile kayak paddle to the first jetty of Cape May Point. He hugged the shoreline to escape the strong east wind. Our DSL modem arrived via UPS. Bill was able to install the DSL modem, but had to seek technical support to get the wireless router to work with it. We had quiche for dinner.

    Thursday brought a lot of rain. Cathy went to the gym. After lunch, Bill went to Wildwood Linen to work on email accounts on various computers. He spent two hours on the job. We picked up our friend George Pechin at 6:00 PM and went to dinner at Cucina Rosa on the Cape May Mall. After dinner, we went to see the play "Souvenir" at the Cape May Stage. Coincidentally, our neighbors Arthur and Joan Birsh, owners of PlayBill, sat down next to us. We enjoyed the evening.

    Friday, Cathy went to the gym. Bill rode his bike in the wind to Cape May Point and walked down to the beach for a quick look. When Bill returned, the installer from DirecTV was there. We ate lunch in the solarium. Bill went to Wildwood Crest for an appointment with Lou Dwyer, to see about subdividing our property. When Bill returned, the DirecTV was almost finished. When the job was done, Bill called Comcast to cancel our account and turned in all of our equipment in Wildwood.

    Saturday morning, Bill drove to Cape May Point and ran the 5 mile run. It started to rain and thunder just as Bill was finished in 45 minutes. The rain and thunder continued for quite a while after Bill returned home, so he read the papers and did 3 crossword puzzles. It finally cleared up for a while during mid-afternoon, so Cathy went for a walk. Bill picked her up about a mile from the house on her way back because the weather was threatening again. A strong thunderstorm came by around 6:00 PM. We viewed "Into the Wild" - much better than we thought it would be.

    Sunday was a cloudy day. Bill worked on the Times crossword and had it done shortly after 10:00 AM. After lunch, we went out for a six mile walk along the Bay. The NW wind was blowing hard. We went out to dinner at Louisa's, which had a surprisingly sparse crowd. After dinner, Bill bought a copy of "Into the Wild" from Atlantic Books.

        Bill and Cathy