Bill and Cathy McArthur Spring/Summer/Fall 2009: 5

   Monday, June 8 , was a summery day. Bill went out for an early 5K run. Cathy drove into Cape May for a dentist appointment. Katie went out for a run and Tom went out with Eric for a walk. Around midday, Tom left for the airport to fly to North Carolina. After lunch, Bill and Rachel went down to the beach for a while. Then, all of us drove over to Wildwood in the XTerra to Morey's Pier. Rachel had a good time on several rides, including the ferris wheel with Bill and Katie. We had take-out from Panico's for dinner. We viewed "Bolt" on DVD during and after dinner. It was OK.

   Tuesday started with threatening weather. Bill went for a quick 6 mile bike ride before a strong front came through. Cathy and Rachel went to ACME for shopping and were there as the worst of the weather came through. They arrived back in a lull in the rain. Bill had an hour's conversation with Jimmy Johnson from the Imperial 500 Motel in Wildwood. After lunch, Katie, Eric, and Rachel went to the playground. Bill and Cathy did a 6 mile walk to the canal and got rained on a little on the way back. Danawa Buchanan, who stayed overnight with us last August during her Tidewater Sojourn, came over to discuss The Delaware Bay Keeper network with Bill. She went over various plans including a paddle from Reed's Beach to here on August 29. We viewed "Mr. Mom" from On Demand and enjoyed it (again).

   Wednesday morning, Katie went for a 4 mile run. Eric refused to nap, so Bill and Cathy took a 2 mile walk with Eric and Rachel. Afterward, Bill went for a 11.6 mile kayak paddle up Bay to Pierce's Point. He got a good workout and realized that he has a lot of training to do before this year's Bay crossing. After Bill got lunch, we all went down to the beach. Bill and Rachel went out for a kayak paddle. We enjoyed a Salade Nicoise dinner, while we watched "Marley and Me" on DVD.

   Thursday was another day of unsettled weather. Bern and Megan Ernakovich came over on the 9:15 AM ferry from Lewes, DE with Megan's son Alex. Bill made cappuccinos and we had pizza and fruit out on the deck. After lunch we all went to the Cape May County Zoo. The weather stayed dry as we toured the whole facility with three strollers. The kids were very well behaved as were some of the adults. We stopped for a snack as we left the zoo. The Ernakovichs headed to the 4:30 PM ferry and the rest of us headed home. Bill made himself another cappuccino during late afternoon. We had a dinner of leftovers. Bill had a salad and some fruit from lunch. We viewed "Baby's Day Out" from On Demand during dinner - stupid fun. Bill watched "The Flock" on DVR - one of Richard Gere's best roles.

   Friday was a strange day weatherwise. Bill went out for an early 5K run under overcast, but not rainy, skies. Katie went out a bit later and had rain the whole way for her 4 mile run. At lunchtime, it was sunny. Bill and Cathy went for a walk to the canal, but a thunderstorm coming across the Bay cut the walk to 4.5 miles as Katie and her kids did a rescue mission and picked up the walkers in the XTerra before the rain started. When everyone got back home, the rain started and continued for an hour. Then it got sunny again. We grilled burgers for dinner. Sunset on the deck was very pleasant. We viewed "Get Smart" during and after dinner.

   Saturday morning, Bill went out for a 6:00 AM kayak paddle down to the first jetty at Cape May Point. It was a beautiful morning for the 10 mile round trip. Bill was with dolphins several times as he paddled. Later in the morning, we went to the Alpaca Farm, where Rachel enjoyed her encounter with the animals. After lunch, Tom arrived at about 1:00 PM. Cathy and Bill went for a 6 mile walk to the canal. Bill and Katie took Rachel down to the beach for some beachcombing. When Rachel came back she watched "Hotel for Dogs" on DVD. We got take-out from Panico's and ate in the solarium. After Rachel went to bed, we viewed "Gran Torino" and enjoyed it.

   Sunday was unexpectedly overcast. Katie went out for an early 4 mile run. Cathy and Bill went out a bit later. Bill ran for 5K and joined Cathy on her walk to the canal. After an early lunch, Bill and Cathy drove to Archmere Academy in Delaware for granddaughter Bridget's dance recital. Bridget's group did a very polished dance. Katie and Tom and family left around 2:30 PM and headed back to Doylestown. After the recital, Bill and Cathy went for a good meal at P.F. Chang in Glen Mills before heading home. They arrived back home at 10:20 PM.

        Bill and Cathy