Bill and Cathy McArthur Spring/Summer/Fall 2009: 24

    The week of October 19 through October 25 found us getting ready for our weekend traveling to Chapel Hill, NC to meet with Katie, Tom, and family and help them settle into their new home. Cathy faithfully attended the gym throughout the week. Bill did a medley workout on Monday, a 12 mile kayak paddle on Tuesday, a 40 mile/5K brick on Wednesday, a 6 mile kayak paddle on Thursday. We met with Carol Menz on Tuesday and put the house back up on the market. We picked up the RV on Wednesday afternoon, washed it, and started packing it.

    We had reservations for the RV and XTerra for the 9:30 AM ferry and had a lunch meeting with Bern and Don Ernakovich in Lewes before driving to Cape Charles and the Sunset Beach Resort. Sunday we were heading for Chapel Hill.

    We ended our stay at home by leaving for the ferry after breakfast at Avalon Bagels. Our adventures continue here.

        Bill and Cathy