Bill and Cathy McArthur Spring/Summer/Fall 2009: 13

   Monday, August 3 , Cathy went to the gym. Bill was resting his feet until further notice, so he rode his bike to Cape May Point and back. When Cathy returned, Bill drove to Ace Hardware to buy conditioner salt and RoundUp for the driveway. We ate lunch on the deck. After lunch, Cathy and Bill biked to the foot of the West Cape May bridge and back. So Bill got in 32 miles of biking total. Later, Bill went out for a 6 mile kayak paddle to the canal. During and after dinner, we viewed "The Wanted" - Bill loved the campy violence; Cathy hated it. Bill also watched the stupidity of "Pineapple Express."

   Tuesday morning, Bill left at a bit after 8:00 AM for a paddle to Reed's Beach. He left on the remnants of the outgoing tide and no wind. The Bay was smooth and quiet for the 9 mile trip just past Reed's Beach. Bill used the hydration plan: 1/2 bottle of G2 for each 3 mile segment paddled. He started with a whole bottle just before leaving. As soon as Bill turned around, a pesky southeast wind started and blew in his face the entire return trip. This paddle:


was equivalent to a single Bay crossing, so Bill just has to double this effort. Cathy went to the gym while Bill was out on the water. We ate lunch on the deck when Bill returned. Later, as we chilled out on the deck, Dave Adams came and installed the stainless steel chimney cap. He will return in a couple of days to work on wire brushing the rust stains on the stones. We went to the Harbor View Marina outside deck for dinner. The strong south wind coming off of the harbor caused us to sit at the bar. We enjoyed a sushi Rainbow Roll, and Ahi Tuna tropical salad, and fried oysters. We sat next to the owners of the Erma Deli. We were impressed with the ambiance and the extensive menu.

   Wednesday morning, Bill decided to take a long bike ride. He headed to Sunset Beach, Cape May Point state park, the Cape May promenade, Ocean Drive, the Wildwood boardwalk, Route 147, Route 47, Bayshore avenue, and the waterfront roads of the Villas back home. It was a 44 mile bike ride at a bit under 10 mph:

Bill's hydration plan was to drink a half bottle of G2 for every 10 miles. We ate lunch on the deck. Bill did some research and came up with a tentative itinerary for a New England trip in September. We viewed "Death at a Funeral" during and after dinner. We had seen it before, but really enjoyed the British humor.

   Thursday, August 6, was our 43rd anniversary. It was also a rainy day, with a T-storm at 5:15 AM and light rain off and on throughout. Cathy went to the gym. We ate lunch indoors and spent a quiet afternoon. We drove into Cape May and parked at Swain's Hardware. We ate an excellent dinner at Oyster Bay restaurant. Then, we walked over to Cape May Stage to watch an outstanding play, "Social Security." It was a low key, but memorable, anniversary.

   Friday was predicted to be a storm-free, albeit windy, day. Cathy went to the gym. Bill called Joe Link to schedule an around the island paddle for later and then organized the deck for a house showing. Around 11:00 AM, Judy from Century 21 arrived with a doctor from Merion and his wife to look at our house. Ironically, the owner of the lot next door was over there with a guy on a trench digger. This was a big negative for the wife. Bill took a bike ride to the Canal. When he returned, the house showing was over, so Bill attended to getting his kayak ready for a trip. Cathy arrived and we had lunch on the deck. The west wind was blowing pretty hard and the Bay was rough, but Bill decided to head out in his kayak anyway. Joe was a bit dubious, but game, so the pair headed south from Joe's beach. The water at the Canal mouth was very confused and gnarly. There were standing waves inside of the concrete ship. The pair also encountered some standing waves in the Rips, but after that, the ocean was smooth. It was beautiful out in front of Cape May. The inlet was filled with boat wakes, but very tolerable. Bill and Joe took a short break on the Coast Guard beach and then fought the west wind and its resulting chop up the harbor. The ride up the Canal was also a bit choppy. The Bay was even worse when they exited the Canal. The last leg was an exercise in concentration as waves slapped the kayaks. It was a great training paddle and quite a good confidence builder to succeed under those conditions:

When Bill landed on the home beach a bit after 6:00 PM, he gulped down two bottles of G2 on the beach and then dragged the kayak up to the house. Bill took an outside shower and was treated to the noise and horn honking of a large unruly group of guests at our next door neighbors' house. During and after dinner we viewed "Crime and Punishment in Suburbia" - a B movie that earned an A- for good character study.

   Saturday was a nice day. Cathy went to the gym. Bill rode his bike to Cape May Point. We ate lunch on the deck. We went out for a very short walk after lunch, but Cathy's hip was hurting by the time we had gone a half mile, causing us to turn back. We went down to the beach for a while, but the biting flies forced us back inside. We grilled burgers for dinner.

   Sunday started with a lot of rain in the morning. When the rain let up, we walked for 6 miles to the Canal. With a very wet deck, we had to eat lunch indoors. Bill went out after lunch for a 6 mile kayak paddle with a fierce current in his face for the way back. Alex, Phil, and family arrived around 4:00 PM. Bill and Cathy and the kids drove over to Cape May Point to climb up the lighthouse. Then, they went to Sunset Beach for some light shopping. Meanwhile, Phil and Alex had a date night with cocktails at the Brown Room of Congress Hall. Bill and Cathy ordered a couple of pizzas from Italian Affair to pick up on the way home. When they got home, Son Bill called and they could hear thunder coming down the Bay. Bill hustled to tie down the outside shower curtain and to stow deck furniture. Meanwhile, Alex and Phil had arrived at Louisa's for dinner. A big storm came through watched by Bill and Cathy and the kids from our house and by Alex and Phil from Louisa's. Alex and Phil arrived back after the storm was long gone.

        Bill and Cathy