Bill and Cathy McArthur Spring/Summer/Fall 2009: 12

   Monday, July 27 , Cathy went to the gym. Bill worked on crossword puzzles and waited for the exterminator from Western to come. The exterminator put out some more ant bait after crawling around to locate ant trails. Everything was wet from the overnight rain, so we ate lunch inside and watched Bill Maher. Bill (not Maher) went out for a 6 mile kayak paddle and heard the rumble of thunder at his back on the return trip. We drove to WalMart to buy some floodlights and a bathroom rug. We followed up by driving to the RV to put the table back and to put the insurance policy in the cab. We took the Parkway back toward Cape May to avoid rainy day traffic on Route 9. When we got to Wildwood, a huge T-storm came through from the south. We stopped at ACME in light rain for some shopping. We viewed "Entourage" and "True Blood" during and after dinner.

   Tuesday was a hot and humid day. Cathy went to the gym. Bill went out for a 5 mile run:

It was a very sweaty run, but otherwise comfortable. Pete Lomax came over at 10:10 AM to walk the proposed back lot of our property. Bill lent him a survey print which shows the topography. Also, we paid a $500 retainer. We had lunch on the deck. After lunch, Cathy called the Chimney Doctor, Dave Adams, who came over to look at our chimney cap. He suggested a stainless steel replacement for $1100. We drove to Cape May Court House to meet at J. Ottons Carib/Atlantic Grill with Margaret, Jenn, and Shelley, Cathy's former colleagues at Cape May Technical High School. We had good food and good conversation. Later, we viewed "The Daily Show" from Monday and a very lame SNL from Saturday.

   Wednesday started with a 5:00 AM T-storm moving across the Bay. Cathy went to the gym. Bill went out for a windy kayak paddle to the canal in between storms. We had lunch on the deck as the day became very hot and humid. After lunch, we drove to Dick's near the Hamilton Mall via Starbucks. Bill used the gift card from Son Bill and Stacy to buy gel insoles, kayaking gloves and a couple of Nalgene water bottles. We viewed "The Daily Show" during dinner and a very good "Mr. Brooks" afterward. We kept the A/C on due to impending storms.

   Thursday was a nice day in between lousy ones, weatherwise. Bill decided to rest his feet and stayed away from running or walking. The Bay was way too rough for kayaking, so Bill did crossword puzzles and paid online bills. Cathy went to the gym. We ate lunch on the deck. Cathy went for a walk to Harpoon Henry's while Bill did a 15 mile bike ride, including the 5 mile Coombs/Douglass race course. We headed over to West Cape May to get haircuts from Cele at Artisan. When we got home, Bill made a cappuccino and enjoyed it on the deck. We watched "The Daily Show" during dinner. Beth Finlay and her daughter Lauren Donagan. We all viewed a nice golden sunset and had some lively conversation. Later, we viewed "In Bruges", a wonderful Tarantinoesque farce set amidst a beautiful European cityscape. At 3:00 AM, we were awakened by a brief T-storm right outside our bedroom window.

   Friday's weather was back to unsettled. Cathy went to the gym. Bill went out for a breezy kayak paddle to the canal and back. The south wind picked up as the day went on, so we ate lunch inside. We spent part of the afternoon sitting on our beach and enjoying the breeze. A big storm began to come through, so our friends Jim and Linda came over to enjoy it. There were plenty of wind and rain, but no lightning. Later, Bill and Cathy went to Panico's for dinner.

   Saturday was a good day weatherwise. Bill rode his bike to the Town Bank fire hall for the Coombs/Douglass Memorial Bay Run. He drank a 20 ounce Gatorade G2 before the race, but it was hot and sunny and Bill might have been under hydrated for the run, since he faltered in miles 4 and 5:

After finishing, Bill drank two more bottles of G2. He hung around for the after race festivities and then rode his bike home. After returning, Bill posted scanned copies of the results sheets on Cathy had gone to the gym and then ACME. We ate lunch on the deck. After lunch, we drove through at our bank to cash a check. Bill's left foot hurt badly, so we spent the afternoon sitting on our very hot beach. We grilled burgers for dinner.

   Sunday had very unsettled weather. We drove to the Lobster House fish market to buy cod for dinner before the crowds arrived. With an eye on the RADAR, Cathy took a walk to the canal as Bill paddled the same route. Bill rode his bike the same way again after his kayak trip. We ate lunch at the high table on the deck as thunder rumbled across the bay. As storms approached, we hunkered down and watched as the very heavy weather roared through during mid-afternoon. Cathy made a great oven baked cod dinner. We had a good sunset as cooler, dryer air had followed the storms. Later in the evening, we viewed "True Blood."


        Bill and Cathy