Bill and Cathy McArthur Spring/Summer/Fall 2008: 9

    Memorial Day, Monday, May 26, we took our time over breakfast. The day started warm and sunny, but the south wind started to pick up early on. Bill decided to go out in his kayak at 8:00 AM in order to try to beat the worst of the wind. It was a tough, rough paddle down to the canal. Bill chatted with Joe for a couple of minutes as Joe was ready to finish his own morning trip. Bill filled the entire cockpit of the kayak with trash he picked up from the beach. It's a shame that some people have no respect for the environment. Bill washed the grill and his kayak after returning to the house. We both did some vacuuming and other cleaning. We ate lunch on the deck. Afterward, we took a walk down to the canal. The day had become very warm and the breeze felt good. When we returned home, Jim and Linda joined us on the deck for a while. They were on a bike ride, enjoying the beautiful day. Later, we enjoyed burgers on the grill while we finished watching "Recount." Bill came to the same conclusion: Al Gore should not have contested the result in Florida. It did America no good. We were both tired and went to bed early.

    Tuesday, the whole area was much quieter. It was a rainy morning, so we went to Home Depot to get new floor registers, to replace our corroded ones, and mulch for the flower beds. We stopped at Avalon Tile to order some grout repair caulk and to K-Mart to get a new umbrella for the deck and badminton racquets to swat carpenter bees. When we got home, Cathy worked on the mulch while Bill sprayed herbicide on the driveway weeds and flower bed poison ivy. In the late afternoon, Cathy went to Gloria's interval class. We viewed "Untraceable", which was an interesting action movie with some good technological plot details.

    Wednesday, we started with Becky's aerobics class. Bill walked home while Cathy did some shopping. After lunch, Ruth Ann and Harry Morris came over from their campground outside of Ocean City. We did one of Bill's patented auto tours of Cape May and environs. In the late afternoon, we returned home to sit on the deck for a while. We ate a great dinner at Tisha's in Cape May. It was great to see Ruth Ann and Harry here since we usually see them in the Keys, where they live.

    Thursday, we went to Gloria's aerobics class. Bill ran home while Cathy did some shopping. After lunch, Bill went over to Wildwood to work on a computer problem at Armada Motel. We viewed "Trade", a well-done, disturbing movie about a widespread problem.

    Friday, we both drove to Somers Point for an early Urologist appointment for Bill. Afterward, we stopped at the RV briefly and then at Starbucks. We picked up some caulk we had ordered at Avalon Carpet and Tile and then bought flowers at Marlboro Farms. After lunch, Bill helped Cathy with the first steps of planting the flowers in our containers. Then, Bill went out for a 3 hour paddle down to the first jetty at Cape May Point. He was in the midst of a pod of dolphins, containing several calves, while just off of the jetty. It was warm and a bit breezy on the Bay. Cathy completed planting the flowers. We viewed the 2 hour season finale of "Lost" after dinner.

    Saturday was hot and humid and then stormy. Bill did his first flower watering for the season right after breakfast. We went to Gloria's interval class. Bill left early to walk back home via the canal and a mile on the beach. We hung around while a cold front slowly passed by the area. It rained off and on all afternoon. Bill finished viewing "Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny" - weird fun.

    Sunday was a beautiful day. We went out for a walk/run. Bill walked his last mile on the beach. After lunch, Bill powerwashed the side steps until about 5:40 PM. He got about half done. We went out for dinner at Cucina Rosa, which had a sparse crowd, but good food. We saw a gorgeous sunset as we drove along the Bay on our way home.

        Bill and Cathy