Bill and Cathy McArthur Spring/Summer/Fall 2008: 7

    Monday, May 12 was a travel day. San Diego was shrouded in gloomy clouds again, and it was breezy and chilly. We went to breakfast at Starbucks as usual. Then we walked along the bay for an hour before packing our bags. We hung out in the room, taking to Jim Sosna about the huge winter storm lashing the East and then, about 10:00 AM, we caught the shuttle for the 5 minute ride to the airport. We did curbside check-in and had a 2 hour wait for our flight. We talked with Katie and Alex to find that they had beaten the storm back to their homes on Sunday. Our Northwest flight left on time and landed in Minneapolis on time as well. Bill spent a good bit of the flight working on crossword puzzles. We had another 2 hour wait at the airport before our next flight left for Philadelphia at 7:45 PM local time. We talked with Son Bill and found that he had a good flight back home, but was delayed for over an hour at the baggage pickup point. Our pilot was concerned about getting in to Philadelphia due to the storm delays that the airport had experienced throughout the day, but we only had to circle once before landing nearly on time at 11:30 PM. By midnight, we had our car from our valet service and were on the road back home. We didn't see too many cars on the drive home, punctuated at a WaWa stop for a Red Bull for Bill. We were in the house by 2:00 AM. Bill was in bed 10 minutes later. Cathy took a bit more time. The wind wasn't blowing too hard, but the house was 50 degrees, so the electric blanket felt very good.

    Tuesday was a recovery day. We slept-in until 7:30 AM and got a slow start. It was somewhat windy, but not horribly so. We managed a 4 mile walk in the afternoon for our exercise of the day. Bill watched 2 episodes of "The Wire."

    Wednesday, we went to Becky's aerobics class in the morning. Cathy went to work at the bookstore. Bill spent the afternoon sealing both sides of the deck rails with a paint brush. Bill rode his bike to WaWa for hoagies to dinner. He watched 2 episodes of the 3rd season of "The Wire", before we both watched the Frontline special on Everest.

    Thursday, we went to Gloria's aerobics class in the morning. Bill sealed the deck floor with a roller. After lunch, Cathy went to the bookstore, while Bill researched prostate cancer in anticipation of getting the biopsy results on Friday afternoon. Bill watched 4 episodes of "The Wire" before turning in at 10:45 PM.

    Friday was a rainy day. Cathy went to an interval class at the gym while Bill lifted weights at home. After lunch, Bill dropped Cathy at the bookstore and drove to the Urologist's office. After a long wait, Bill was given the prostate biopsy results - no cancer. This was good news, but the mystery remains as to why his PSA is high. A bladder scan showed the possibility of BPH, which might explain some of the PSA elevation, but the doctor wants to see Bill in September for another round of tests. The doctor gave Bill 14 days worth of uroxatral pills to treat the BPH. He is due for an appointment with a medical assistant in two weeks. We went to dinner at Alfe's in Wildwood, which had a light crowd for a May Friday night.

    Saturday morning, Cathy went to an interval class at the gym while Bill walked 6 miles along the Bay. After lunch, we drove to Glen Mills to attend our grandson Garrett's first birthday party. Garrett's other grandparents were there as well as Katie, Tom, and Rachel, and Pete and Amy. Garrett got a lot of nice presents, including a big dump truck and front loader and football from us. We left about 8:30 PM to return home.

    Sunday, Bill went to Water's Edge Motel to fix a problem with printing from the Front Desk program. When he returned, we took a 6 mile walk along the Bay. Later, it started to rain and the wind picked up. The day stayed unsettled and windy. Bill watched a couple of episodes of "The Wire" from the 4th season.

        Bill and Cathy