Bill and Cathy McArthur Spring/Summer/Fall 2008: 5

    Monday, April 28, was a dreary, rainy day. Cathy did a morning aerobics class while Bill caught up with some computer work. After lunch, Bill drove Cathy to an eye appointment. This was a followup to Cathy's cataract surgery and she got a good report. During the late afternoon, we both had appointments with our dermatologist. He found a few items, but it was a pretty good checkup. During and after dinner, we viewed "54" from On Demand. We enjoyed the old movie.

    Tuesday was a rainy day and another down day for Bill. We had dentist appointments at 10:00 AM and both had clean checkups. After lunch, Bill traveled over to the Imperial 500 Motel in Wildwood to fix the email link to Outlook in Bill's software. During early evening, Cathy went to an aerobics class. The west wind was howling and the temperature was in the 50s, so Bill didn't take the walk that he had planned. Bill had to abandon his primary email address,, after thousands and thousands of spam messages came pouring in. Bill notified some people and online websites to change to his Yahoo! account with ID computingdock. So, his primary email address is now "computingdock at yahoo dot com."  We viewed some of the movie, "The Number 23", until we realized it was number 10.

    Wednesday morning, Cathy went to Becky's aerobics class. After lunch, we drove to Cape May and walked along the beach to Cape May Point. We saw a Piping Plover and a couple of Oystercatchers as we walked along. Back in Cape May, we walked along the mall. Then we drove to the Lobster House and bought some haddock filets for dinner. Cathy did a great job preparing the haddock. Our neighbor Tom came over while we were eating and discussed routes for driving to and fro from Savannah. He and his brother are going to pick up a new boat on Saturday. We viewed "The Prestige" in On Demand and enjoyed the film.

    Thursday, Cathy went to Gloria's aerobics class. After lunch, we went for a walk along the Bay. Cathy went for 4 miles, while Bill went for 6 miles. He felt all right after the exercise. We viewed "Before the Devil Knows You're Dead" during and after dinner.  It was a hard movie to watch at times, but very well acted by a great cast, including Amy Ryan from "The Wire", and has a good plot.

    Friday was a beautiful, warm, sunny day. Cathy went to a morning aerobics class. After an early lunch, Bill went for his first, post-biopsy, paddle down to the Canal. It was too hot for the short wetsuit, but so very nice out on the water. We met some of Cathy's ex-colleagues (Jen, Joann, Shelly, Pat, Margaret) for drinks and dinner at Avalon Golf Club. Bill made the mistake of ordering a butter-laden shrimp and pasta dish that was barely edible.

    Saturday was another nice day. We both had hair appointments with Ceil in West Cape May during mid-morning. We also lucked into free chair massages by Lisa while we were there. After lunch, we walked. Bill walked the beach to the Canal and Cathy walked the road. During and after dinner, we viewed "Lions for Lambs", a remarkably current movie with lots to think about.

    Sunday was nice again. We spent the afternoon shopping in the Mays Landing area. The temperature reached 81 degrees up there. Bill bought a book about corruption in New Jersey at Borders. We had a nice dinner out at Louisa's in Cape May.

        Bill and Cathy