Bill and Cathy McArthur Spring/Summer/Fall 2008: 3

    Monday, April 7, we arose around 6:30 AM and generally helped around Alex and Phil's house. Phil did an early morning "Boot Camp" class at the YMCA. Alex and Garrett were still in the hospital, so five of us ate breakfast. Cathy and Bill dropped Erin at her school and Bridget at her daycare. Phil went to the hospital. We came back to the house and let Rocky out in the back. Unfortunately, Rocky went under the gate and started interfering with a workman who was repairing a wall along the driveway. We got Rocky back in the house. Garrett got released and came home with Alex and Phil by lunchtime. We headed home by early afternoon. We went to Katie's 5:30 PM step class and then shopped a bit at ACME. After dinner, we watched the final game of the NCAA basketball tournament. It was a good game that went into overtime.

    Tuesday was another gray, chilly, windy day. We hung around the house all morning, wishing that we were in Florida. After lunch, Cathy called Alex to check on Garrett's status. He is doing well. After lunch, as the day continued to be gloomy, we went to Rio Grande to see the movie "21." We liked the film, but Bill noted a lot of differences from the book "Bringing Down the House" from which it was derived. Nonetheless, it is a good story. We went to Gloria's 5:30 PM interval class. Bill only did the first half and then rode the stationary bike and walked on a treadmill. We went out for a good dinner at Lucky Bones. This was our first dinner out as a couple since before the cruise. Later, we watched the latest episode of the John Adams miniseries. Bill thought that he was getting Garrett's cold.

    Wednesday, we went to Becky's morning step class. Bill looked in on the following yoga class to see what it was like. He decided to try to get back into yoga next Wednesday. We had the nearby Gulf station change the oil in the XTerra while we were in the gym. We headed over to the ACME for some shopping. After lunch, fog and rain moved in as we drove to the storage facility in Rio Grande to get some things from the RV (grill, car washing brush, NASCAR chairs, bedding, dishes). The rain continued.

    Thursday morning, Bill had an appointment with his Urologist. We both drove up to Somers Point for the 8:30 AM appointment. Bill already knew that his PSA was at 15, another increase from the last reading of 13. As he predicted, he was scheduled for his fourth prostate biopsy on April 25. We headed over to Shore Memorial Testing Center to get Bill a chest X-ray, EKG, and blood and urine analyses. We were home by 10:30 AM. Since the wind had dropped, we replaced floodlights on the back of the house. Then, Bill hosed down his single kayak and put on the seat. After lunch, Bill went with neighbor Tom to bring his boat to his slip and ready the lines. The day had turned into a nice one, so it was pleasant on the water. Bill and Tom also went over to the Miss Chris dock and found the party boats still there. Chris, one of the mates, told them that fishing and the fishing crowd were both sparse. Bill and Tom went back to Harborview Marina to meet the charter boat Hunter as it came back in. The fishermen were in bad moods as they came off the boat: 5 fish, no keepers for the day. When Bill got home, he took his first kayak paddle on the Delaware Bay for 2008. It was sunny, the wind was light, and the water was calm. The tide was wrong, but Bill headed south and trolled as he paddled. When he zipped down to the Canal, Bill knew he was in for a struggle. The trip back, against the current, was a hard workout. He was out about 2.5 hours. Cathy went to Katie's aerobics class while Bill was out on the water. We had a good pasta dinner and watched an old movie, "To Die For", from On Demand. It was a pretty stupid movie with a good cast.

    Friday afternoon, we walked 6 miles along the Bay. We got WaWa hoagies for dinner. Later, we went to Carol and Jim Matthews for a Bunko tournament. Bill won the "most competitive" award.

    Saturday, Cathy went to aerobics and Bill walked the beach to the canal in tank top, shorts, and bare feet. After lunch, we drove to Cape May to walk around a bit. We stopped in at Corey Gilbert's Tides of Time gallery. We viewed "Kite Runner", which we both liked.

    Sunday afternoon, we drove to Atlantic City. We walked the boardwalk for a couple of hours and then stopped at Starbucks in the Tropicana. We quickly lost $1 on the slots. Then we went to The Pier Shops at Caesars and walked around a bit. We viewed the 5:00 PM edition of The Show, which we enjoyed. We sat at one of the little "beaches" for a few minutes and then drove to the Bonefish Grill in Northfield where we enjoyed a good meal. We viewed the Compassion Forum when we got home.

        Bill and Cathy