Bill and Cathy McArthur Spring/Summer/Fall 2008: 27

    Monday, October 13 , was Columbus Day. Cathy went to the gym. Bill rode his bike to Cape May Point and then walked into Cape May. He grabbed a cappuccino at Buon Giorno and then met Cathy on Grant Street where she parked the XTerra. We ate lunch at Gecko's where it was quite warm enough to enjoy eating outside. Cathy shopped on Washington Street Mall after lunch while Bill walked back to Cape May Point and then rode his bike home. A little later, Bill went out for a fishing paddle. He stayed out until the sun had set and didn't get any fish, but enjoyed the warm afternoon and the calm Bay. Bill took an outside shower. We viewed "Dark Blue", very good movie with an unusual villainous role for Kurt Russell.

    Tuesday, we headed for the dentist after Bill had completed four crossword puzzles. We talked politics with John and Denise while we got our teeth checked. Cathy had to return on Thursday for two cavities. Bill, through clean living, had no problems. We stopped by the post office to mail Erin's Girl Scout sash back to her after Cathy had sewn on badges and other patches. We walked for six miles along the Bay. Later, Cathy went to the gym and Bill kayaked for a while. We ate a great dinner at Panico's. We watched "Frontline" after dinner.

    Wednesday, Cathy went to the gym. Then, we drove to Cape May Court House for Cathy's MRI. We ate lunch at Starbucks afterward. Cathy chilled out on the deck later. Bill rode his bike to Cape May Point and walked the beach to Cape May and back. We watched the last Presidential debate after a dinner which included grilled vegetables.

    Thursday, Cathy went to the dentist and the gym. Bill went fishing with our neighbor Tom. Bill and Tom caught two bluefish in over three hours of fishing. There were very few boats out. During the afternoon, we drove to Cape May and walked to Cape May Point and back on the beach. The temperature was 82 degrees with a light wind. Bill got a cappuccino on the Mall after the walk. We stopped at the Lobster House to buy haddock on the way back home. We viewed "Inferno" during and after dinner - good action, B movie.

    Friday was cool and cloudy. Cathy went to the gym while Bill caught up with some computer stuff. After lunch, we both got haircuts at Artizan in West Cape May. Rain threatened the rest of the afternoon, so we chilled out in the house. Cathy called Dr. Maroldo's office about her MRI results, but did not hear back from them. By the time she tried them again, they were closed. Bill cooked a good sun-dried tomato and pine nuts pasta meal.

    Saturday was cold and windy. After the gym, Cathy went to Dr. Maroldo's office and found it closed. After lunch, we drove into Cape May and walked on the promenade and the mall. We had burgers for dinner. We put the heat on.

    Sunday was cold and windy again. Bill finally went out for a walk around 2:00 PM and met Cathy at about 4:00 PM as she headed out also. We both walked to Harpoon Henry's. We picked up Jim and Linda at 6:45 PM and went to Union Park for a very good dinner. We enjoyed talking about politics and health issues for over two hours. We watched "Entourage" when we got home and then Bill watched "True Blood."

        Bill and Cathy