Bill and Cathy McArthur Spring/Summer/Fall 2008: 25

   Monday, September 29, was a day of northwest wind and dry air after a passing front. Cathy went to the gym while Bill lifted weights at home. Bill also worked on our monthly online payments. Also, Bill called Amerigas and asked them to cancel any deliveries of propane until June. We had 75% left in our propane tank. After lunch, we rode our bikes to Cape May Point. On the way, we saw a few hawks flying near our route. We went up on the Hawk Watch platform and joined a large group of fall birders watching the many hawks brought in by the northwest wind. We had to face the wind on the way home, but the ride wasn't too bad. Bill had to suffer through the "Sex and the City" movie that Cathy had picked up on DVD from RedBox in the ACME during the morning. Cathy enjoyed the movie, but Bill had severe leg cramps.

   Tuesday, Cathy had an appointment with her eye doctor. Bill sat in the parking lot and did 4 crossword puzzles. After lunch we walked to the canal. Bill rode his bike to ACME to return the DVD and to get "Forgetting Sarah Marshall", another good movie from the gang that brought "40 Year Old Virgin" and "Knocked Up", which we enjoyed during and after dinner.

   Wednesday, we made a quick stop at Dr. Maroldo's office for a blood test script for Cathy and then drove to Quest Labs in Rio Grande. We both got blood tests: Bill for PSA and Cathy for an eye problem. Afterward, we went to Starbucks for coffees and food for Cathy, who had to fast for her blood test. After lunch, we rode our bikes to Cape May Point. Later, a weather front came through. We went to dinner at Lucky Bones.

   Thursday was cool with a strong west wind. Cathy went to the gym, but Bill lifted weights at home and stayed hunkered down most of the day. He wrote a program to determine where the visitors to come from. There aren't too many visitors yet, but the distribution is interesting. Bill also did some research on new tires for the XTerra. So far we are interested in the Kelly Safari Signature or the Dunlop Radial Rover A/T. Both are recommended by Consumer Reports. Bill found the best price at Sears in the Hamilton Mall. Mike Cosmo put brochures out at the sale sign on the street and came in the house to check the dimensions of one of the upstairs rooms. We watched the VP debate after dinner.

   Friday morning, we went back to Cathy's eye doctor's office. Bill worked on 4 crossword puzzles in the parking lot while Cathy consulted with the doctor. He was happy that her condition hadn't worsened and was, in consultation with our GP Dr. Maroldo, advising that Cathy get an MRI after the blood test results come in. After lunch, we drove to Hamilton Mall to buy 4 new tires for the XTerra. We walked around the mall and browsed around Borders for a couple of hours until we could pick up the car. We stopped at ACME on the way home. We viewed the hilarious "Wild Hogs" during and after dinner. Later, we viewed the pitiful "Vacancy".

   Saturday morning, we got the house ready for a house showing at 2:00 PM. We drove into Cape May for an early, light lunch at Buon Giorno cafe on Washington Mall. We picked up the flowers for Lauren and Rich's wedding at ACME and delivered them to the Finlays' house. Then, we parked the XTerra under the house and went for a 1:50 walk along the bay. When we got back, we changed for the wedding, which was held in the historic Cold Spring Presbyterian Church on Seashore Road. The ceremony was well done and short. Afterward we went to the reception at Town Bank Fire Hall. The DJ was excellent and we danced for most of the reception. We left when the reception was over at 10:00 PM.

   Sunday morning, Bill went for a kayak paddle to the canal. The bay was a bit rough, but it was a good workout. After Bill got a shower, we walked to the wedding brunch at the Finlays'. We stayed for about an hour and then walked home. We ate lunch on the deck and chilled out for the afternoon. Bill worked on the Sunday Times crossword. We went to dinner at Freda's Cafe in Cape May and enjoyed a very good meal in a comfortable room. Our waiter, a Pole, is heading to Key West in two weeks to wait there at Bistro 245 near Mallory Square. We watched "SNL" from the night before and "Entourage."

       Bill and Cathy