Bill and Cathy McArthur Spring/Summer/Fall 2008: 24

    Monday, September 22, started out chilly and breezy. Cathy went to the gym. Bill watered the flowers, did crossword puzzles, and caught up on computer work. After lunch we went for a 11 mile bike ride to the West Cape May bridge. Bill did another 7 miles afterward. Tim, our Western exterminator, came over to place some bait boxes in our shed. He promised to bring some locked bait boxes to put under the house. Bill discovered that the Google query "french beach" brought up one of his photos in a prominent place. Bill blogged it as his 15 minutes of fame.

    Tuesday, the wind continued to blow from the northeast. Cathy went to the gym. Bill talked with Steve Tecco of Armada Motel and arranged to go over at 1:00 PM. We ate an early lunch and headed over to Armada. Bill worked for an hour to fix a couple of independent, kind of weird, problems on Steve's two computers. Cathy stayed in the car and read. We changed and drove into Cape May. We parked on Grant Street as usual and walked to Cafe Buon Giorno for a cappuccino for Bill as usual. We continued down the the promenade and did a loop of 3.5 miles back to the car. We grilled eggplant for dinner. Cathy also had some chicken.

    Wednesday, Bill was tired of babying his Achilles tendon. Cathy went to the gym. Bill rode his bike to Cape May Point and then walked the beach to Cape May, looking at the big waves. He headed to his usual coffee shop and got a cappuccino. Bill put a message on the home voicemail asking Cathy to join him for lunch in Cape May. Bill headed back up the promenade. Cathy called at noon when he was about half way to the west end and said that Mike Cosmo had set up an appointment for a house showing at 2:00 PM. Bill hustled back to the bike and rode quickly back home, arriving around 1:30 PM. Bill got the deck ready for showing. We went for a 6 mile walk to the canal. Bill ended with 22 miles on the bike and 10 miles on his feet. We picked up Jim and Fran Lewis and treated them to dinner at Alfe's in Wildwood. We had a good meal with lively conversation.

    Thursday was a rainy day due to an unnamed storm that made landfall in the Carolinas. Cathy went to the gym just before the rain started. Bill lifted weights in the solarium. After lunch we went to see the movie "Burn After Reading" which we both liked a lot. Bill laughed until he cried. The rain and northeast wind continued until bedtime.

    Friday, Cathy went to the gym. Bill worked on replacing the screws on our house plaque with brass ones. One of the screws was too rusty and needed to be drilled. Bill broke off two drill bits inside the screw, which screwed things up, so to speak. After lunch, we drove into Cape May and walked for 6.5 miles on a loop around town. We stopped on the beach near Pittsburgh Avenue to watch the big waves for a while. After dinner, we watched the Presidential debate, which we rated as a tie.

    Saturday, Bill bought a screw extractor at Ace Hardware and was able to finish replacing the screws on the house plaque. Cathy went to the gym while Bill went for a short bicycle ride. The day was off and on yucky. Cathy went to a bachelorette party for Lauren at Lucky Bones in the evening. Bill used his twin tuner DVR to watch the entirety of the Penn State/Illinois and the Alabama/Georgia football games.

    Sunday was worse than Saturday for weather. Bill did the Sunday Times crossword puzzle with some key help from Cathy. After lunch we drove the the Lobster House to buy cod for dinner. We kept the fish on ice in our small cooler while we drove into Cape May for a walk. We walked around 4.5 miles before rain curtailed our activity. We had a great oven-fried cod dinner.

        Bill and Cathy