Bill and Cathy McArthur Spring/Summer/Fall 2008: 22

    Monday, September 8 , Bill had to fast until after his 10:15 appointment at the urologist. We drove to Somers Point and Bill got dressed in a hospital gown and waited for the doctor. When he finally arrived, he noted that Bill's PSA has increased to 25. The doctor offered to throw in a biopsy in addition to the cystoscopy that was scheduled. Bill declined. Bill was knocked out for the invasive "scoping", and, when he awoke, he found that it had gone well. The doctor also said that the recent renal scan didn't indicate any further investigation. We made an appointment for October 8 to look into the PSA. Bill hopes that the doctor will prescribe an MRI of the prostate before recommending another biopsy. We went to Starbucks in Rio Grande for lunch. Bill had the usual "peeing boiling water" feeling for the rest of the day. Cathy drove to Cape May to visit with Alex on the beach. Bill worked on a website for the house sale and then went out for a 2 hour paddle across the canal and back. We had a great oven-fried cod dinner.

    Tuesday, Cathy went to the gym while Bill finished the website for the house sale. After lunch, a front came through with thunderstorms, lots of rain, and wind. We went out to dinner at Louisa's and had the usual great meal. We re-viewed "Office Space" - always a treat.

    Wednesday, Cathy went to the gym while Bill studied the weather to decide if the paddle across the Delaware Bay would be doable on Thursday. He finally decided that it would be OK, but the predicted 10-15 knot east wind was worrisome. Bill called Joe Link and Jim More to get their OKs for the trip. Joe Link brought Joe's kayak and other gear for Thursday's crossing. Bill and Cathy went to get haircuts in West Cape May. Bill spent the rest of the afternoon getting gear ready for Thursday's paddle. We grilled burgers for dinner. We viewed "Martian Child", a good movie in the tolerable chick flick category.

    Thursday morning came early: 4:30 AM for Bill and 5:30 AM for Cathy. We prepared for the paddle across the Delaware Bay. Jim More and Joe and Maria Link came over around 6:00 AM. We launched at 6:30 AM and landed at Prime Hook Beach at 11:00 AM. The full report is here. We all rode back on the 12:45 ferry. Bill worked on the computer for the rest of the afternoon. We went to dinner at Harbor View marina and had good meals with a view. Around 10:00 PM, Katie, Tom, and Rachel arrived for a long weekend.

    Friday was supposed to be a rainy day, but we drove to Cape May Beach State Park and walked the beach into Cape May. Then, we walked down the promenade to Louie's Pizza for lunch. We stopped at Coffee Time on the walk back to the point. Rachel enjoyed some beachcombing on both walks on the beach. The wind picked up as we walked.

    Saturday turned out to be work day at our house. Tom and Bill tackled the replacement of the light fixture in the solarium. The problem was that the end of the solarium was too close to the junction box, so Tom had to do some intricate custom carpentry before the job was complete. Bill helped as a go-fer and finish painter on the wooden base. Bill decided that the front porch fixture needed to be replaced, so he went back to Home Depot and bought another fixture. Tom helped to install that one too. Tom finally was able to go out for a run. Bill and Cathy took Rachel out to dinner at Panico's. Katie and Tom enjoyed dinner out at Moonfish Grill.

    Sunday, everybody slept in. We went out to breakfast at Uncle Bill's in North Cape May. By late morning, Katie, Tom, and Rachel were on their way home. Before they left, Tom helped Bill replace some spotlights on the back of the house. Bill sprayed Roundup on the weeds in the driveway. Cathy cleaned the house. We ate lunch on the deck. We walked 6 miles to the canal and back. Then, Bill went out for a windy 6 mile paddle to the canal. We had a good quiche dinner.


        Bill and Cathy