Bill and Cathy McArthur Spring/Summer/Fall 2008: 15

    Monday, July 7, we awoke to a cooler temperature. Bill called Dr. Schutz's office at 8:30 AM and arranged to see Kim the medical assistant about his hydroceil which has been bothering him for the last few days. He had an appointment at 10:45 AM and had two ultrasound scans. He met with Lisa, the Physicians Assistant in the office, who prescribed an anti-inflammatory and an antibiotic. Cathy accompanied Bill to the appointment. We dropped the prescriptions at ACME on the way home. After lunch, Cathy went to ACME for shopping and to pick up the prescriptions. Cathy went for a 6 mile walk. Bill was unable to go along and spent the time on the computer.

    Tuesday started out warm and muggy. Bill felt better and walked for 6 miles while Cathy went to the gym. After lunch, Bill went on a 12 mile "power paddle" to Dias Creek and back. A stiff south wind kept him cool on the way back. Later, Cathy went to another aerobics class while Bill played on the computer. A thunderstorm came through at about 7:00 PM. We went to Panico's for a good Italian dinner. We viewed "Sleepwalkers" - a very tough movie to watch, but a good one.

    Wednesday was a full one. We started by going to Becky's 9:30 AM aerobics class. Then, Bill ran 4.5 miles home. Soon, he met neighbor Tom at noon to go fishing. Bill caught 2 short flounders and a bunch of skates and sharks. It rained off and on while they were out in the mouth of the Bay near the rips. Bill got home around 5:45 PM. We had burgers for dinner.

    Thursday, we went to aerobics at 9:30 AM. Cathy stayed for the 11:00 AM class while Bill walked home via the canal and beach. After lunch, Bill got his gear organized for Friday's paddle; Cathy went to ACME. We had a good tortellini dinner while we viewed "We Own the Night", an excellent action movie with a great cast.

    Friday, Bill and Joe Link did an around the island paddle. It was a beautiful day with pleasant seas, so the trip was fantastic. Cathy went to an aerobics class. We lingered over lunch since it was so nice outside on the deck. During late afternoon, we went over to North Wildwood to see the lifeguard races. Cathy's cousin, Craig Whitehead, was rowing in the doubles for Avalon.

    Saturday, Joe and Maria Link picked up Bill at 6:50 AM to drive to the Avalon 5 Miler. Bill ran a slow 51 minutes, but felt good during and after the run. The three went to Avalon Manor's pancake breakfast where Maria treated Bill. After lunch, we drove into Cape May for a quick look at the Art Shows on the promenade and in West Cape May. Later, we met with handyman Brian Sweeney about some jobs we want to have done around the house. We viewed "Hot Fuzz" and loved it - highly recommended for Son Bill.

    Sunday, we drove to Cape May Point and walked the beach into Cape May. We finished browsing the Art Show on the promenade and then walked up to Washington Street Mall. We ate a good lunch at Gecko's. Bill grabbed a cappuccino at Magic Brain cafe on the way back. After we returned home, Bill went for a two hour fishing paddle in the increasing south wind. We picked up our friend Beth at 5:45 PM and went to dinner at Panico's in West Cape May. After dinner, we went to Cape May Stage to enjoy the play, "Private Lives". The cast of 4 did an excellent job with the hilarious play.

        Bill and Cathy