Bill and Cathy McArthur Spring/Summer/Fall 2008: 12

   Monday, June 16, was another warm and humid day. We went out for an early walk/run. Afterward, we met the Ferry at 10:30 AM to pick-up Don and Bern Ernakovich. The four of us drove into Cape May and parked on Grant Street. We walked the promenade and then the beach to Cape May Point. It was low tide, so the walking was easy. We returned to the promenade and walked to McGlades for a good lunch. We went back to get the car and drove to the Mall for a couple of stops for the ladies. Then we drove home and enjoyed some of Cathy's famous Blueberry/Yogurt Pie. We dropped Don and Bern at the Ferry at 4:15 PM. We stopped at ACME to get a few items. Bill got the autoresponder working at last. Not long after we arrived home, a severe thunderstorm hit. We had high winds, driving rain, and lightning. Bill had stowed the deck furniture, but forgot to take in the flag, which miraculously survived. The cushion from the love seat ended up in a tree beside the house. Bill watched "Jumper" and found it interesting. Cathy ignored the film.

   Tuesday, Bill wrote about his energy vision in his blog. He also emailed the two NJ senators and our congressman. In the late afternoon, Bill walked for 6 miles to the canal while Cathy went to an interval class at the gym.

   Wednesday, we went to Becky's aerobics class, subbed by Gloria. Afterward, we brought Cathy's bike to Algies in Wildwood to get the shifter fixed. A repairman replaced the motor on our outdoor A/C unit. After lunch, we drove to Cape May Point where Bill walked for 3 miles and ran for 3 miles barefoot on the beach. Cathy walked for 3 miles. It was beautiful on the beach and dolphins were cavorting off shore. On the way back home we stopped at a nursery in West Cape May and bought some flowers for one of our containers. We grilled burgers for dinner. At 8:00 PM, we had a video conference with Son Bill, Stacey, and the kids. It was great to see everyone. A couple of thunderstorms came through while we were talking. We finished viewing "The History Boys" - a very smart, British film. We ran the air overnight, since there was a possibility of more storms. Bill's Achilles tendon was sore, probably from lunges in aerobics.

   Thursday morning, Cathy went to aerobics. After lunch we went to Wildwood to pick up Cathy's bike. When we returned, Bill went for a kayak paddle down to the concrete ship. Baitfish and dolphins were abundant all the way. We viewed the stupidest movie in the world, "Fools Gold." Big waste of a good cast. The lowlight of the film was a supposed scene of the waters off of Key West that showed mountains in the background.

   Friday, Bill left at 7:00 AM for a fishing trip with neighbor Tom in his new boat. It was a beautiful day and the new boat was nice, but no fish were caught. Bill ate a late lunch on the deck as we made final preparations for company. Our friends Howie and Paulette arrived from Connecticut about 4:45 PM. They brought us an Italian espresso machine and some ground coffee for it. We made a couple of pots and enjoyed some espresso before dinner. We sat down to a great swordfish dinner on the deck at about 7:15 PM. We enjoyed a beautiful sunset to go along with the longest day of the year. After dinner, we simply talked for a couple of hours.

   Saturday was a big day. Bill had put the double kayak on top of the car the night before, so Cathy took the loaded car to aerobics. The other three made final preparations for the day. We all left for the Harbor Fest near the Nature Center of Cape May at about 11:00 AM. We unloaded the kayak and kayaking equipment on the beach at the harbor and then found some food a at truck concession. The Paddle for a Purpose left at 1:00 PM to do a two hour, four mile tour of the harbor and the wetlands. Bill and Howie took part in the double kayak. When we got back, we loaded the kayak on top and loaded the gear in the car and left for Wildwood Convention Center so that Bill and Paulette could register for the Plunge for Patients 5K run on the beach. Unfortunately, there was a persistent thunderstorm that lurked just offshore and cause the event to be canceled. We headed home to get ready for dinner. Bill unloaded the car and got the gear organized before his shower. We left to Moonfish Grill at 8:15 PM. We had an upstairs dining room all to ourselves for a wonderful dinner. We had a good time eating and telling stories. We got home around 11:00 PM and all turned in.

   Sunday was another hot and humid day. After breakfast, Bill and Paulette ran for 3 miles and walked 4 miles. Cathy walked for 6 miles. Howie and Paulette ended their visit at around noon. We ate lunch on the deck. We puttered around the rest of the afternoon. We headed over toward Cape May around 6:00 PM. We ate a good Italian dinner in Panico's, a new restaurant in an old church in West Cape May. Then we drove to Cape May to attend the play, "Fully Committed", at the Cape May Stage. It was a one man show and very well done.

        Bill and Cathy