Bill and Cathy McArthur Spring/Summer/Fall 2008: 11

   Tuesday, June 10, we flew to Philadelphia on a red-eye from Denver after a short, but fun, trip to Colorado with Katie, Tom, and Rachel. We arrived home around 8:20 AM and napped for a couple of hours. The rest of the day was spent sweltering in the heat as we tried to normalize our lives. We discovered that our air conditioner didn't work around 8:00 PM when we saw that it was 82 degrees outside and 99 degrees inside. We re-opened all of the windows and tried to cool off the house. We stayed out on the deck after dinner until it was mosquito time. We had received a pillow-top mattress pad while we were away, so sleeping was easy. At 11:30 PM, Bill woke up and noticed that there was a lot off lightning across the Bay. He closed all of the windows except for the one in our bedroom. The storm never crossed the Bay overnight.

   Wednesday was a bit less humid, but warm and windy. We opened the house and Cathy called our air conditioning service company to get them over to fix our unit. We both went to Becky's aerobics class. Bill ran home while Cathy went to ACME after class. We decided to seal the side steps and both worked on it all afternoon. Bill set up a ladder to the deck so that Cathy could paint herself into the house while Bill painted himself out of the house and climbed the ladder to get in. Bill climbed up and down the ladder a few times to do some errands, including picking up his Alopurinol prescription at ACME.

   Thursday, Cathy went to Gloria's aerobics class while Bill paddled down Bay and around the ferry buoy 1/2 mile off of the Canal entrance. After lunch, the AC repair man arrived and said that we needed a new motor for the outside unit. We lifted a few loose floor tiles from the kitchen and glued them back. We walked along the Bay and Bill walked the last mile on the beach. We viewed "Bucket List" - good, but a bit melodramatic.

   Friday, we grouted between the newly glued tiles with caulk. We had a bit of cleanup to do, but the job looked good when we were finished. Bill went for a 4 hour kayak paddle to the Cape May Point Lighthouse. He stopped for a few minutes to chat with Joe and Maria Link at their beach on the way back. We researched replacement tires for the XTerra in the afternoon. Bill worked on an autoresponder for inactive email addresses. He had been trying to use Perl, but decided to switch to PHP. We cooked burgers for dinner. We viewed "Rambo". Bill thought it was a great sequel, very consistent with the the others. Cathy ignored it because of its high testosterone level.

   Saturday, Cathy went to aerobics while Bill ran along the Bay. After lunch, we drove to Cape May Point and walked the beach into Cape May. At the craft show on the promenade, we bought a solar light to pick up later. We walked back to get the car and stopped by the promenade to to pick up our light. We stopped at the Nature Center of Cape May to inquire about the Paddle for a Purpose on Saturday. Then, we went to the Lobster House to get haddock filets for dinner. Cathy prepared a great haddock meal. We viewed "Rambo". Bill thought it was a great sequel, very consistent with the the others. Cathy ignored it because of its high testosterone level.

   Sunday morning was overcast. Bill worked on an autoresponder, but couldn't get it to work. After lunch, we walked along the Bay. During the walk, Bill thought of a solution for the autoresponder. We took Jim and Fran Lewis to dinner at Oyster Bay. We had a good meal with a bit too much political talk. After we dropped Jim and Fran at their home, we went to ACME to return "Rambo" and pick up "No Reservations" - a chick flick with an interesting story and good acting.

        Bill and Cathy