Bill and Cathy McArthur Spring/Summer/Fall 2006: 8

   Bill's brother Bob invited both of us to share a sailing adventure on the Maine Coast for the second half of August. Cathy didn't want to make life any tougher for the bookstore manager by abandoning her post at the end of the summer, so she encouraged Bill to go alone for the trip with Bob and his daughter Julia on their sailboat Wager. The plan was for Bill to fly from Philadelphia to Portland, ME on Thursday, August 17 and for the trip to begin on Friday morning. The trip was scheduled to end on Sunday, August 27 and Bill was to fly back to Philadelphia on Monday, August 28. To simplify the logistics, Bill shipped his stuff to Bob via UPS so that he could travel with no check-in and no carry-on bags. Because of traveling light, Bill expected to be unable to post regular travel reports on the Internet during the cruise. On Thursday morning, August 17, Bill was scheduled to ride with our neighbor Tom as he left at 5:15 AM for his job at the Philadelphia Airport. Bill was also scheduled to ride with Tom on the way home on Monday, August 28. Click here for the full report on the trip.

        Bill and Cathy