Bill and Cathy McArthur Spring/Summer/Fall 2006: 2

   We returned from a fabulous three week trip and began our summer season slowly with a late sleep-in on Monday, May 8. We had brought the rain back with us from Seattle, but we still were happy to be home, looking at the Bay again. We spent most of Monday settling back into the house. We spent most of Tuesday talking on the phone with people and visiting others to catch-up with what's happening with family and friends. On Wednesday, Bill did some work at Wildwood Linen Supply and Cathy went to work at the bookstore. On Thursday, Bill ran for 3 miles and walked for 3. This was his first run in a long time. Also, Bill lifted weights and did a yoga practice. He calls that a good day. On Friday, we drove to Katie and Tom's house, with a lunch stop at Commodore Coffee and an exercise stop on the 6 mile Peace Valley loop. We also tried to visit Kay Keeley, but the medical center was quarantined, so we could only drop off a couple of things and Cathy talked to her on the phone. In the evening, it was great to see Rachel and her parents after too long. We ate takeout from Roman Delight after Rachel went to bed. On Saturday, Cathy and Katie went to a wedding and reception in North Jersey, leaving Tom and Bill to look after Rachel. We parted after breakfast in Starbucks in Doylestown. Bill and Tom went home to change and then headed to Peace Valley to take a 6 mile walk with Rachel in her backpack. We returned home for Rachel to get a nap and then went to lunch at Nat's, where Rachel consumed a whole slice of pizza, except for the crust. This is when we started to dodge thunderstorms, aided by the My-Cast radar on Bill's razor phone. We drove to a shopping center and sat out a thunderstorm in a patio store. Bill was looking for $10 chairs, but they only had patio sets starting at $5,000. Next stop was the Doylestown Rock Gym for Tom to get Katie a certificate for classes. We returned home for a short nap for Rachel and then went to the Castle Playground, where she played on the slide and swings. Meanwhile, we had several phone conversations with Cathy and Katie, who got lost due to a detour that led them out some country road and then dropped them. We all arrived home at the same time. Rachel ate and then she and Katie headed to bed. Bill and Tom went out to get Orchid corsages for the mothers at Sunday's brunch, and to pick up takeout Chinese. On Sunday morning, we ate breakfast at Starbucks as usual. Bill picked up a NY Times and tried the crossword puzzle when we got home. He found it too hard and quit after about 45 minutes. We packed our car and then we all drove in two cars to the General Lafayette Inn in Lafayette Hill to meet with Alex and Phil and the girls. The food wasn't the best, but our table was in a small room where we could have a good group meal in relative privacy. Rachel won the prize for eating the most. After a successful brunch, we parted and each family headed to their home. When we were almost home, our son Bill called. They were in the car on the way home from the airport after attending the wedding of Stacey's brother. When we arrived home, there was a beautiful bouquet from Stacey and Bill on our doorstep.

        Bill and Cathy