Bill and Cathy McArthur Spring/Summer/Fall 2005: 9

   Mid-July brings our granddaugher Erin's Birthday party. We made it a day trip this year and had a good time eating and socializing. Bill had a very good time in the swimming pool with Bridget and Erin and a swarm of other munchkins. A brutal heat wave provided good beach weather daily, but it was difficult to do physical activities away from the water's edge. Bill ran the 5 mile Sandblast Beach Run in North Wildwood on an evening when the tide level wasn't optimal for an easy run. Bill ran a very slow pace, but did finish the run, and that's his second goal (the first is to show up at the starting line). Meanwhile, Cathy enjoyed a wonderful picnic at Carol and Jim Matthews' house, where she talked and danced the evening away. Bill finally joined in at the end of the party at around 10 PM. Bill enjoyed a great day fishing on our neighbor Tom's boat with his grandson Joe joining the fun. We all caught fish constantly (weakfish, flounder, croakers, bluefish, sharks, and a skate). Several times all 3 of us had fish on at the same time. Later that evening, Bill and Cathy enjoyed a great meal at the Harborview Restaurant.

        Bill and Cathy