Bill and Cathy McArthur Spring/Summer/Fall 2005: 8

   Rachel and Katie headed home after a nice visit on Thursday, July 7. Later that day, Alex and Bridget arrived for a long weekend. The remnants of tropical storm Cindy came through that night and the next day, giving us a lot of rain and not much chance to be outside. Bill arrived back from Iceland late at night, staying ahead of Cindy as he drove from Baltimore-Washington Airport. We all managed to go into Cape May for lunch at the Blue Pig on Friday, joining Stacey's friend Beth and her friend Bob. Bill and Bridget managed some windy beach time in the afternoon. Phil and Erin went to a Phillies game on Friday night and arrived very late. So, on Saturday, we were back to a full house. We got a good video of Sarah on her playmat and several sunset photos. Sarah also demonstrated the "Hokie Pokie" for us on the deck. Bill took his first panorama shot with his new camera, showing a sunset from the deck. Alex and Phil and the girls left in two cars on Sunday, leaving us with Bill, Stacey, and Sarah and some very hot weather. Our last three guests departed on Tuesday morning for the flight back to Atlanta. Bill went fishing with Jim and Linda Sosna and had a good day on the water, but he didn 't catch any fish. Cathy cleaned the house and went to work at the bookstore. We really had a ball with our four granddaughters and their parents. Except for video conferences, we won't see Sarah again until Thanksgiving, but we'll see the other three at Erin's birthday party next weekend.

        Bill and Cathy