Bill and Cathy McArthur Spring/Summer/Fall 2005: 11

   Katie and Rachel visited us again in mid August. Rachel already appeared bigger and more mature. She used our high chair to eat and was justly proud of herself. We went into Cape May on a beautiful Thursday and ate lunch at Geckos Southwestern Grill. Later, Rachel had her first experience dipping her feet into the Delaware Bay in front of our house. Bill ordered, received, and read a book by Craig Forrest, a Cape May lifeguard who was instrumental in Bill's first paddle across the Delaware Bay in 1997. Craig's book is a very inspirational read. Tom visited for the weekend and babysat Rachel while Katie and Bill ran the Animal House 5K where Katie beat Bill badly once again. Cathy worked at the bookstore on Saturday; the rest of us walked from the lighthouse into Cape May with Rachel in a backpack. Bill was reminded of a tour of the brewery at Busch Gardens that he took with Katie in a backpack ("How about another beer, Katie?"). Rachel loved her long walk in the backpack and lunch outside at Louie's Pizza. We visited Cathy before and after lunch. During the rest of the stay, Rachel went out in the backpack each day. Bill took a video of Rachel interacting with Cathy and one of her books. We had some awesome sunsets during the week. On Wednesday morning, Rachel left the Shore (with Katie) for the last time as a baby. Next year she'll be running into the waves with Erin, Bridget, and Sarah.

        Bill and Cathy