Bill and Cathy McArthur on the Road 2010: 3

  Monday, January 18, was a beautiful day. Cathy went to her exercise class and then another at the fitness center. Bill did some crossword puzzles and then went for a 3.5 mile walk. Late in the morning, Doug from Nova Scotia pulled his trailer into the spot next to ours. We remembered him from previous years. He had power problems, so we ran an extension cord over to his rig from our outside outlet so he could charge his battery. We ate lunch outside. After lunch, Bill went out for a 4.5 hour, 15.8 mile endurance paddle to Port Royal. Because of MLK Day, there were more than the usual number of boats on the water. Bill had to yell at one sports fishing boat who got too close. When Bill got back, he found out that Doug had run a hair dryer to dry an area under his sink and had fried one of our circuit breakers. We powered our stuff from our alternate circuit as we've done too many times in the past. We went to country line dancing and then ate a late quinoa and grilled chicken dinner. We viewed "24" from Sunday night during and after dinner.

  Tuesday was seasonal, but a bit cool. Cathy went to her exercise class. Bill went out for a 5K recovery/tempo run:

He felt good during the run. Later in the morning, we went to Starbucks and Publix. After lunch, Bill disconnected the RV from power and pulled the stuck circuit breaker out of the electrical panel. He fiddled with it and got it to work, so he replaced it and reset the GFI circuit. Everything seemed to work well. Bill spent some time on the phone with Jim Johnson of Imperial 500 about his trying to move his Front Desk software to a new computer. We went to our third tutor workshop and heated pizza when we returned for a late dinner. We viewed "I Love You Man" during and after dinner and enjoyed the light comedy.

  Wednesday was another delightful day. Cathy went to her exercise class. Bill at an early lunch and launched his kayak at noon for a 4 hour, 16 mile endurance paddle to the mouth of Rookery Bay. It was a great workout and a great day to be on the water. We went to the fitness center for a step class for Cathy and a yoga class for Bill. Afterward, we ate dinner at the bar in Bonefish Grill. We viewed two hours of "24" on iTunes on Bill's laptop. Our dvr had become full and didn't default to replacing the old stuff. Comcast sucks!

  Thursday started warm and humid. Cathy went to her exercise class. Bill got ready and went out around 8:00 AM for a medley workout: 10K bike: 13.5 mph 5K run: 8:27 min/mi 10K bike: 12.7 mph 5K run: 8:43 min/mi 10K bike: 12.4 mph 5K run: 8:53 min/mi 10K bike: 12.5 mph. A 20-25 mph wind from the SSE didn't help on the last few legs of the session. Cathy had a meeting concerning the upcoming Casino Night. After Bill stretched and elevated his legs, we ate lunch. Cathy went off to do the laundry. Bill had his tutoring homework to do, so he worked on that. Later in the afternoon, Cathy lay in the sun. Bill put the awning away in case the weather turned bad overnight or on Friday. We went to the fourth and last session of the tutoring workshop. By the end of the evening, we both had assigned students. Bill's student lives on our walking route to Oakes Farm Market. Cathy's student lives in Golden Gate. Since we got to the RV after 9:30 PM, we cooked quick meals. Cathy nuked a frozen entree. Bill cooked Quinoa flakes and added some walnuts.

  Friday was a warm day with a threat of rain. Bill sent an email to his tutoring student. Cathy went to her exercise class and to a Zumba class at the fitness center. Bill took a 3 mile walk and felt dehydrated afterward, so he drank a quart of Cytomax. When Cathy returned, we drove to Starbucks and Publix, gassing the car on the way ($2.81 per gallon). After lunch, Bill called his student, Francisco, and had a good conversation. They set up a meeting at the Literacy Center for 1:00 PM on Monday. Cathy tried to call her student, but could only leave a voice mail. We drove to Golden Gate to check out the library there for Cathy's subsequent tutoring use. Then we went to Office Max to get some office supplies for tutoring. We also went to a Dollar Store, Walmart's, CVS, and a bank to pick up items. After we arrived back and organized our stuff, we had a quinoa and grilled chicken meal. We viewed "Terminator Salvation" during and after dinner - a weakened strain of the franchise. We wondered if the Governator appreciated his naked avatar appearing in the film.

  Saturday was a very warm, humid day. Bill did a couple crossword puzzles. Then, we started to walk along the airport. Bill did a sweaty 5 mile run and compared it to the Avalon 5 Miler last July:

Bill noticed that his Garmin watch was turning itself off arbitrarily. He ordered a new one from He also decided to buy an iPod Shuffle to help with his running training. He figured on covering the cost of both with his consulting on and Imperial500. After lunch, Bill drove to LVCC and signed up for Room #7 for Monday at 1 PM and Thursday at 1 PM. Then, he went to Walmart on Tamiami Trail to return a RedBox dvd and to buy an iPod Shuffle. The RedBox machine wouldn't accept returns, but he did buy the iPod. On the way home, he stopped at Rexall on the corner of Davis Boulevard and Airport Road, but they don't have a RedBox. He returned to the RV. We walked to the beach, but didn't stay because we hadn't packed our towels. We got back at around 4:50 PM. Cathy made a dinner reservation at Altin's Cafe for 6:30 PM and then we went to Happy Hour at the bridge. Bill only stayed a short time so that he could get a shower. He also loaded "Boston Third Stage" from his CD onto the iPod. We drove downtown and got a nice sidewalk table at Altin's. The meal was good and very cheap at $33, but the portions were rather small. We stopped by Walgreen's to return the RedBox dvd on the way back. Cathy went over to a neighborhood bonfire for a while. Bill researched running music on the Internet.

  Sunday was very warm and humid and very windy. Bill did the Times crossword and then we went for a breezy 10K bike ride along the airport. After lunch, we drove to Oakes Farm for a couple of items and then to Bayview Park. We set up a couple of NASCAR chairs by the water and chilled out for a couple of hours. It was windy, but comfortable in the sun. We also read parts of our tutoring textbooks and talked about our first meetings with our students. When we returned to the RV, we watched the NFL conference playoffs that we had dvred. We grilled burgers for dinner. Bill found an online version of a profile of him that appeared in a special health section of the Atlantic City Press. He posted the article on the web and referred to it on FaceBook.

        Bill and Cathy