Bill and Cathy McArthur on the Road 2010: 23

  Monday, November 15, Bill had a beautiful 4 hour paddle to Rookery Bay. Eagles, Magnificent Frigate Birds, Belted Kingfishers, Terns, Vultures, Herons, Egrets, Osprey, and fish jumping all over the place. The waters were very calm. Cathy did a couple of classes. After lunch, Bill drove to the rehab center for another session with Bruce and his assistant PTs. Bill's calf had a lot of painful spots in it. Later, Bill and Cathy walked along the airport. We grilled burgers for dinner. We viewed "Away We Go", quirky, but quite good.

  Tuesday morning, Bill took a windy, 40 mile bike ride along the airport. Cathy met with her student Elda. We took a walk in the afternoon. We had quinoa and a frozen entree for dinner. We viewed "Date Night", a waste of talent, but funny at times.

  Wednesday, Bill took a 4.5 hour fishing paddle almost to Rookery Bay. He got into a pod of bluefish and got his line chewed up. We went to Happy Hour to say goodbye to our neighbors. Later, we took our next door neighbor, Judd Brody, to Bonefish Grill for dinner. We watched an episode of "24" afterward.

  Thursday morning came very early as we arose at 3:00 AM. We were on the road by 3:30 and at the airport in Ft. Myers by 4:00. We parked in long range parking and took a shuttle to the terminal. We ate breakfast in Starbucks and then went through security when it opened at 5:00 AM. We were the last to board the plane and had to put one of our carry-on bags way back behind our seats. The flight was easy, but we had to wait until everyone else got off the plane to retrieve our bag. We took the Enterprise shuttle and picked up our rental, which we had reserved through Priceline. We got a free upgrade to a full-sized car because no economy cars were available. We arrived in Lewes a bit after 11:00 AM after two hours of driving from the Philadelphia airport. We stopped at our house and got the water and heat going. We really felt the chill in the air. We went to the Lewes bakery for a cappuccino and then ate lunch at Striper Bites. We had a lot of shopping to do after lunch. We began cleaning the house for Thanksgiving. We had pasta for dinner and viewed "Repo Men" - strange, gory, mildly entertaining, with great special effects.

  Friday, Bill did some Sun Salutations, a weights workout, and an hour on the bike trainer. He also massaged his calf and stretched. We continued to clean the house. Henry and Sybil Basson, friends from our days at Penn State, arrived for lunch. Cathy served a seafood feast with Maryland Crab Soup, crab cakes, and cut fruit. We had a delightful couple of hours with our old friends before they had to push on to meet with other friends in Philadelphia. We went for a walk on the Lewes/Rehoboth Trail. We had takeout pizza for dinner and watched episodes of "24."

  Saturday we continued to shop and clean. We bought a lot of supplies at KMart. We went to dinner at M. Gallucios in the Village of Five Points. We viewed episodes of "24" after dinner.

  Sunday morning Bill worked on the Times crossword puzzle. Later, he did weights and bike training. We went for a walk from the Ferry terminal into Cape Henlopen State Park. We had quinoa and a frozen meal for dinner and watched more "24." We also watched a bit of the Eagles/Giants football game.

        Bill and Cathy