Bill and Cathy McArthur on the Road 2010: 18

  Friday, October 15, we were back on the road. The days leading up to the journey are described here. We arose at 5:20 AM, got the house ready for our absence, and drove to Starbucks for breakfast. Bill turned on the blinking red lights on the back of the Gearcar to help other drivers to see us. We had an easy drive to Chapel Hill and arrived at Kate and Tom's house at about 2:30 PM. We moved some stuff into the house and then walked toward Carrboro. Cathy talked with Katie and arranged to ride with her to pick up Rachel. Bill continued to walk to the Open Eye Cafe for a cappuccino. Later, Cathy, Katie, and Rachel joined Bill for a while. We all walked around Carrboro, Chapel Hill, and the UNC campus. We stopped at the Carolina Inn to enjoy Blue Grass Music on the lawn. Bill and Rachel danced as Cathy and Katie sipped wine. We met Tom and Eric back at the house. Tom and Bill went out to pick up Thai food at the Twisted Noodle.

  Saturday morning, Cathy and Katie and the kids went to the Life and Science Museum and ate lunch at the Mellow Mushroom. Bill and Tom shopped at Lowes and ate lunch at a gourmet (in name only) pizza place in Chapel Hill. After we all reconvened at the house, Bill, Katie, and Tom drove out of town a bit and rode their bikes on the hilly roads. Katie stopped after 15 miles, but Bill and Tom went for 37 miles. Bill fell over at a red light, but got used to clipping out at intersections on the ride back to the house. Our neice Erin, husband Matt, and son Robert came over to eat with us. Tom prepared a pasta meal for dinner.

  Sunday morning started at 40 degrees, but promised to be warm and sunny. Bill and Katie competed in the Heels4Hope 5K on the UNC campus. This was Bill's second time on the hilly course, but he still suffered the ascents:

We all went for brunch at Southern Railways. After lunch, Bill and Cathy played with the kids in the driveway for a while. Everyone chilled out for the rest of the early afternoon. Bill, Cathy, Katie, and Rachel went to Open Eye Cafe for coffee. Shortly after we returned to the house, Matt Merkle arrived for a visit. Tom prepared an awesome rendition of Shrimp Etoufee and cornbread for dinner.


        Bill and Cathy