Bill and Cathy McArthur on the Road 2010: 17

  Monday, May 17, was Son Bill's birthday. He was pretty wiped out from the Half Ironman the day before, so he headed out for a massage and a movie to relax his body and mind. Bill went out for a 10 mile run around the neighborhood of the rental house near Disney World.

After lunch, we decided to drive to Downtown Disney and visit the Disney Quest facility. We found it to be dark, dirty, and a big ripoff at $41 per adult. (Later, when Bill and Cathy got home, Bill was able to get us all a refund.) Many of the video games were out of order. We stayed for a couple of hours until a T-storm threatened. We exited and went to Starbucks. We stayed at the rental house for a short time and then drove to the Disney Boardwalk to meet Son Bill. We all ate a great birthday dinner at Flying Fish. We gave Son Bill some presents at the meal. After dinner, Stacey bought a birthday cake for Son Bill, and we headed back to the rental house. We celebrated Son Bill's birthday again with the cake. Cathy and Bill started packing up for the trip back to NJ.

  Tuesday morning, we decided to go to Animal Kingdom with Son Bill, Stacey, and family. We arrived just after the park had opened and headed for the Safari. We found that the wait was reasonable, so we all went in line. We had a short wait before embarking on the very interesting excursion. Bill and Son Bill went to the Everest roller coaster and enjoyed the wild ride. We had a very good lunch in one of the park's restaurants in the Asia area. The portion sizes were enormous. After lunch, Bill and Cathy said goodbyes and departed for the north. They drove as far as Savannah, GA before calling it a day. They drove toward Savannah to do a bit of shopping at a Publix and to pick up a couple of pizzas at Pizza Hut. They watched "Lost" before heading to bed.

  Wednesday morning, we started with breakfast at the motel. Then, we drove north on I95. We ate salad bar for lunch at a Ruby Tuesday's in North Carolina. We just beat the rush hour going through Virginia Beach and onto the Chesapeake Bay Bridge/Tunnel. When we reached the other side, Bill realized that we could make the last ferry leaving Lewes, DE for Cape May. We continued north to Lewes. Bill picked up a hoagie at an Italian Restaurant close to the ferry terminal. We both ate dinner on the ferry. We finally made it home after 9:00 PM. We didn't spend too much time organizing ourselves before heading to bed. We were home, however temporarily.

  This completes the adventures of the first half of "On the Road 2010." Our adventures continue with "Spring/Summer/Fall 2010".

        Bill and Cathy