Bill and Cathy McArthur on the Road 2006: 4

  We drove to Alex and Phil's home in Glen Mills on Friday, February 10. We were slated to babysit so that Alex and Phil could celebrate their anniversary with a dinner out. The weather forecast caused a change from Saturday night to Friday night for the night out. We got to see Erin at her basketball game at the Rocky Run YMCA.We decided to hang around for the Saturday and Sunday snow event. It was a good decision; Bill enjoyed playing and sledding with the kids (including Phil) in the snow on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning and was in his first snowball fight in many years. Glen Mills received about 18" of powdery snow. Bill and Phil shoveled and snowblew the driveway. Cathy and Alex enjoyed the snow from inside of the house. Erin and Bridget enjoyed inside activities as well as those outside. We left after lunch on Sunday and had to drive home cautiously on some very snowy roads. We were welcomed home by strong winds and a minimal snow cover. On Wednesday, February 15, Rachel appeared on NBC 10 for her first birthday. We had a couple of really mild days followed by a weekend of very cold weather as we headed to Rachel's Birthday Party on Saturday, February 19. Rachel enjoyed her presents, playing with her cousins Erin and Bridget, and particularly enjoyed her cake. Phil brought his XBox 360 to hook up to Katie and Tom's new HD TV. Katie, Tom, Jenn, Alex, and Phil went out to dinner in Doylestown, while the grandparents watched the kids. Later we stayed overnight at Alex and Phil's house. On Sunday, we all went to church (except Phil, who felt sick) and then for breakfast at the Boxcar Restaurant (including Phil, who miraculously recovered after we all prayed for him in church). We arrived back home on the cold of Sunday afternoon.

  The remainder of February was cold except for a couple of oddball warm days. On one of the cold days, Bill saw a Red Fox outside, walking around the house. We got our RV out of storage on the last day of February and spent some days de-winterizing, packing, and stocking supplies.

        Bill and Cathy